Tuesday, May 22, 2012

My Fight With The Jabberwock and Ginther

Image DetailHey guys, so I recently defeated the Jabberwock. Before I went in with my friends, Chase and Alura (both storm) I did some researching. First off the Jabberwock was thought to be real. As you can see to your right that is the Jabberwock people way back when thought was real. As you can see the Jabberwock in the photo isn't exactly Family Friendly so I appreciate that KI toned it down but still kept the funny teeth. 

This battle took me like 5 tries to understand it. I must have rechecked my deck at least 20 times to make sure it was packed right. I kinda went with what Friendly did. I packed a couple of Vampires, Skeletal Dragons, Von (I call him Frankie), Wraiths and my new favorite non-attack spell Empower! I cant really give tips because it's different for each school, I guess...never give up? 

I also just beat Ginther like 10 minutes ago and she was easy. I used a treasure card, Steal Charm to steal her 25% Balance Blade. Now I have to beat the Nameless Knight (Malory XD) and if you cant tell by the time of this post, I'M ON SUMMER VACATION! So expect loots of posts and contests! And always, 

~Keep It Dead

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