Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Off To Defeat Pendragon - Not So Epic Conclusion (Part 5)

Sorry for this conclusion being so late... 

I walked into the mighty Castle Avalon and instantly saw the much anticipated Sword of Kings in a massive, huge, gigantic, pebble :). After my team defeated the mobs we made our way to the stone and each put a hand on the sword and yanked it out. Somehow the sword split into 4 and we each had our own Sword of Kings, equipped to our school of magic. We ran up stairs and defeat some more trash mobs and dodged the rest of them. We went into the Royal Hall and met the dreadful Pendragon.

Our teams Pyromancer, Scot "accidentally" went into battle ALONE as the rest of us were rearranging our deck. And Pendragon uses a 0 pip Fire Dragon and the tick lasts for the
whole battle. And after we all noticed he was in the battle we ran in! Scot took the tick and destroyed it with a Treasure Card Triage. I was so happy he took the tick and only took 300 damage!

Life wizard Moria used Gnomes! after I did a Von doing 10,574. We must have killed Pendragon in 10 rounds flat. I was so disappointed when we killed him because Pendragon was so easy! Then to heal King Artorius we had to beat the the Black and White Dragons. During that battle my whole group talked about our worst and best experiences in Avalon. 

We healed King Artorius and gained Avalon's trust! We all ran to Merle's House and finished Avalon. Here are my rates!

Hardest Boss: Young Morganthe
Easiest Boss: Pendragon

Favorite Place: Keep of Ganelon
Least Favorite Place: Catacombs

Total Deaths: 3

Overall World Rate: 8

My Review:
Nice storyline and challenging bosses to really push your limits in battle. But for me the much anticipated Pendragon fight was WAY to easy. Maybe because only one of my team members had the tick and got it off with Triage so quick or maybe the Pendragon fight is just plain easy. I will defiantly buy the Avalonian housing if it comes out because the land is very lush and has much detail. Although the tree's had no detail. 

Thanks for reading and...

~Keep It Dead

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