Friday, May 18, 2012

Working With Adsense and Spiral Live

Hey guys, as you can see I am working with my dad on getting Adsense working. So thats why you see some ads in weird places, we are just testing them out.

Also Spiral Live is tomorrow at 5:30PST! Now that comes with Nick being a little sick so look for updates if the show will still be going on, here. But if the show is tomorrow Spiral Live will be on it's 20th Episode! And sadly this will be Blaze's last episode as Co-host. Spiral Live is still debating on who should fit the spot, BECAUSE I DON'T KNOW! We think it's gonna be Jason Darksword, if you get the "Jason Darksword" joke send me an email.

Well that wraps up this post and I defiantly will be posting more with the days leading up to my Blog-O-Adversary! And never forget,

~Keep It Dead
P.S. I start Summer Vacation on Tuesday, so look for a big post on the 22nd of May :)

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