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BEHOLD - The Return of Frozen to Death!

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Hey guys! The F2D Staff really wants to apologize for the lack of F2D posting on both Destiny’s and Justin’s Blog, the official website and on Spiral Live. Sadly the Spiral Live segment will no long broadcast because of complicated reasons within our personal life. But hey, we have a LOT of F2D for you! (P.S. The grammar wont be as good, this section was meant for podcasting) So this summer we hope TPR will be finished and up for reading. As of now, the F2D Trilogy gears are working! Here is where we left off. If you want to know what happened before, read this post. CLICK ME! And if you want to start from the beginning, CLICK ME!

"RISE!" Destiny yelled, courage filling her. Another gargantuan Giant arose from the floor.
                Justin looked to his left hand picked up his sword. He looked out the palace window and saw Woolly Mammoths getting closer to the Golden Gate. Justin looked up and saw Ice Angels attacking Skeletal Dragons. Could Justin be losing a war with 7000 strong to a army of 5000? Justin’s jaw locked in nervousness to the Giant as well. It was ready to strike, only waiting for Destiny's command. He snapped his fingers in a hasty retreat.

                Destiny looked at the plume of dark ash. Her eyes widened. Destiny scared off Death himself!  She looked up and called a Snow Angel to her side. She hopped on and flew toward the Jungle. Destiny looked down and sees a figure running through the forest frantically.

Destiny got closer to the trees the to see the figure. With a sudden jerk, she saw the Snow angel's horse's leg stuck in a vine. Destiny and the Snow Angel fell out of the sky straight to the ground.
Trying to break her fall somehow, Destiny spread her hands out wide, summoning a tower shield. It crashed through the ground. She felt her Ice Armor erode away.
Destiny took a hard landing, and stayed down, catching her breath. Her head hurt, a lot, and it was throbbing. Her vision was fading as well.

                Trying to stay up, Destiny saw a figure. The same one that was running... She thought. Wait a minute; is that...Went through Destiny's head before she blacked out again.
Destiny's mind woke up, though not her body.

                Okay, I'm still alive. She thought. But just barely. I read that you're on the borderline between life and death when in this stage. I have to stay alive. Alive, alive, alive. Destiny's mind chanted. I have to stay alive, no matter the circumstances, alive, alive, alive...She felt her mind struggle to keep functioning. She felt her heartbeat slow down dramatically. So this is the end, She thought. This is what death feels like. Destiny listened to her struggling heart. Ba
With one final struggle, Destiny heard no more.

                Justin dashed through the forest, trying to run away from the way and terror. He ran thoughtlessly; until he nearly tripped on Destiny, who was on the ground.

                "Whoa-" Justin managed to gasp, feeling Des' empty pulse and icy skin. Sucking in a breath, he casted Sacrifice. Feeling his energy drain, he pushed it towards Destiny. Feeling his gut tighten, Justin realized that he had drained too much. Shifting into a kneel, Justin assumed a position not unlike Destiny's previous one.
Ba boom. Ba boom. Ba boom. Destiny listened to her heart function. Alive she thought. Her deep brown eyes snapped open. She leapt to her feet. Destiny heard a moan from below her. Justin, of all people, was curled up in a fetal position. Destiny, putting aside all her hate, knelt beside her cousin.
                "Justin, I'm going to help you. Destiny put her hand on his shoulder. "Listen. Find your inner...death-y energy, try to pack it all into one ball, where your diaphragm should be. Destiny heard Jus' Breathing relax. "Good. When I say to, make your energy implode." Destiny rubbed her hands together, channeling Life magic, inherited from Katrina.

                "On three." Destiny began chanting. "One, two, THREE!" With a flash of blinding light, Destiny's hands lit up a bright green. Her heal towards Justin shook the forest.
About a mile away, a clan of Fire Cats ran helter-skelter in reaction to the tremor. Their sparks ignited the trees around them. The fire spread quickly, igniting any foliage nearby.
"My wraith can find the living. Follow it!" Justin and Destiny ran, unaware of the fire, which reached the wraith in due time. It turned back, robes aflame, as a nasty Archfiend.
"Wooly Mammoth!" Destiny shrieked. She pulled Jus' hand and, battling her asthma, ran on. She saw three familiar figures.
"Marvik! Marie! Zako! Help us!" Destiny screamed against the roar of the fire. Destiny began feebly whimpering as the flames closed in, her brow perspiring. She shut her eyes to try to think.

                Destiny slowly opened her eyes only to see a Firecat popping its head out of stray bushes. Destiny started to shout,
“No, no, no, please!” The fearsome cat looked around and jumped to its right and dashed toward a clearing in the trees. The cat jumped from left to right, it stumbled on a small twig. The downed Firecat quickly scratched the twig, the then sneezed, letting out a harsh flame on branches, leaves, making the forest fire stronger. Destiny looked everywhere, on her knees from her coughing. Destiny yelled for Justin as she is downed by a medium fir tree.  Destiny squeezed her eyes shut. This is it. She thought, smoke filling her lungs.

                Her eyes weren't the only part being squeezed though. In just the nick of time, Justin whipped his head around to reply to Destiny's call. He snatched her hand and pulled it from the tree's shadow. The fir tree had caught ablaze and was getting closer to the two rulers. 
                "Wait, I know where we are!!" Destiny yelled. "We're in Mirkholm Keep. I can hear wolves. This way!" Destiny casted a shield and led her cousin through the burning foliage. "Just a little further...uh oh..." Destiny immediately regretted that she didn't hike here often. She faced a cliff.  Justin tapped her shoulder. "Um, if you were worried about the fir before..." He pointed to a gigantic pine, which was creaking in their direction. Holding hands, the two could only wait for the tree to come crashing down. "TOWER SHIELD!!!" Destiny shrieked as she fell to the forest floor, under the weight of the tree, Justin near her.
5 Years Later

                Birds chirping,  the winds blowing steadily, sunlight warming Justin and Destiny, Justin stirred.  He slowly opened his eyes to see nothingness, darkness. Awake, Justin felt his eyes, he looked around in darkness to see a red ball coming toward him. The red image was shaped as if it was a heart beating.  Justin immediately said,
“Hello?” in a timid tone. The heart started to talk! Justin started to scoot back as he bumped into Destiny, who jumped up in fear and took out her wand.

  “Marvik, what do you want? You, your mother and father abandoned us!"  Destiny almost yelled. She had almost yelled meaning that when she opened her mouth, no sound came out. She felt the words echo in her mind.

Marvik said, “I tried to come back, its not my fault! My father told me to stay in the palace…”.

“Wait, PALACE!? You guys rule Grizzleheim?”.   Destiny thought in shock. Marvik looked like as if she had talked to him.

“Destiny, I‘m sorry. My father is too powerful for me to strike him down.  The part of Grizzleheim where the palace was is now called Wintertusk named after my Great Grandmother. It fits the atmosphere...”

Destiny looked down at the ground to see Justin sitting, terrified. Death was terrified! Destiny kneeled down beside Justin. Justin looked to his right to see another beating heart. Justin stuttered and said, “All…. I see…. Are beating hearts..” Destiny looked at Marvik quickly. Marvik shrugged and said, “I have no idea”

“Is the library still in one piece?” Destiny asked (thought) sternly.

“Of course!” Marvik replied

                Destiny thought, “Can you please retrieve a book on eye problems. ” Marvik nodded and ran off. Destiny looked around and hugged Justin, cousin to cousin.

"We're going to get out of this," She thought. "Listen. Marvik, he looks older. We must have been out cold for a long time. "

                Justin turned his head towards Destiny's voice when she had let go. "I can hear your voice in my head." He stated calmly. Just as calmly, Destiny tried to respond. She pressed her mind to think to her cousin, but she couldn't do it. Frantically, Destiny used her wand to etch in tree bark; I speak through my head. I can't seem to make it work. Destiny led Justin to the tree and ran his hand over it. He looked he understood.
"There is something wrong with your heart, Destiny." He gravely said. "I is surrounded in icicles."
                Destiny felt worried. She pushed her mind to think harder, to remember why. "Thaumaturgy’s Heart, it's normal. Hey, it works!" Destiny thought. "It must only work when I have strong emotions. So much for people trying to help me feel calm." She thought. "Stay...whatever you can stay-emotion wise."

                Justin drew his sword, still gleaming, protected from rust somehow. "Which way is North?" Destiny turned him about 90 degrees.
                "The palace is West of here, I think." Destiny thought. "We'll wait at the edge of the forest, for Marvik."
Destiny led Justin through the forest slowly. Reaching the very edge, Destiny saw what was once her home; the palace. "Justin; be glad you cannot see this." She thought, stuttering in her mind. Creaking along, Marvik stormed back as fast as possible for a treant.
"Destiny, Justin. I think I found something." Justin perked up. 1 hour, and he had enough of being blind.
                "I think father, Zako...he must have known your fates two years ago, and preformed the Curse of the Forest Lord, which is unpredictable, which is why you Justin can see hearts, and Destiny can talk to -and possibly read- minds, but not talk at all." Marvik sighed. Destiny shook a limb of his.
"Marvik," She thought. "Do the they think I'm alive?" Marvik closed his eyes.
"Several of those who inhabited this land were split up into parts of the less-icy part of this world. Bears, wolves, ravens, they all live together."
"And the wizards?" Justin croaked. Desitny remembered little Austin. What had become of him?
"Zako sent the wizards to some nearby land, I don't know where; or how.." Destiny pressed her lips together.
"Justin, do you know of any nearby world?" (thought) Destiny had heard of travelers who went to other worlds; she was slightly envious of them.
"No.” Justin whispered.
"Justin, stare as far as you can into the East. Can you see beating hearts?" Justin concentrated. He could just barely make them out, in a spot seemingly in the sky. With a nod of his head, Marvik continued.
"Destiny, think of little Austin. Concentrate, but have emotion. Try to think to him; tell him you're alive."
"I...I..." Was all Des could mutter in her head.
"Destiny, how old is Austin?" Justin asked, half demandingly, like the old Justin that she had feared.
"Very young...eight maybe.." She thought.
"Look to the East, make a cloud around the Hollow Wand constellation. Go to the lower right corner, as far into the cloud as possible. He's there." Justin focused on him.
Both of the rulers' eyes glowed their respective magic spcialties' colors.
"Austin, connect..." Destiny said, this time speaking. The two were in a cloud.
"I can..I can.." Was all Justin could sputter.
"Jus! Focus on Austin. I can try to get in his head." Justin opened his eyes a little wider, revealing a black glow. Des' eyes were glimmering a cyan as her brow perspired. 

                Wha- who are you, and what're you doing in my head!? Austin, it's me. Destiny Soultamer; let me stay. I'm alive, Austin. But you...I want – need – to know as much as I can about where you are. I...I'm in this weird place...Wizard City. there are wizards everywhere. I'm a balance student in Ravenwood. Ravenwood? A school for magic, your highness. The Death teacher – Professor Malistaire Drake, I don't like him. Stay focused, I need to know about Zako. Zako! The Forest Lord? Yeah...he used force to make us board a boat with Viktor Goldpaws. He snickered as we left. What about Marie? The Dryad? She hasn't been seen in a while. Is that all? Yes. 
Destiny put her hand on Jus' shoulder, trying to guide him a few steps forward. She heard rustling.
"Stay put," She mumbled, walking towards the noise, staff at the ready. The rustling got louder. Destiny stood her ground as she heard a growl, and a snicker.
Thoughts invaded Destiny's mind, quite randomly. She remembered Katrina teaching her spells, reading from a book, eating a....she couldn't remember, but it was sweet and crisp.
Somewhere in the back of her head, Des' common sense said It's a spell, somebody is casting a spell on you.
                Like her instincts said, a figure leapt out with a dagger and a wand. Austin! Destiny yelled to Justin to get down, as she summoned a battle circle. She felt the power of it drawing her body in, into a circle, where two golden Power pips glowed. Destiny cast an ice blade on herself, while Austin cast a scorpion. Destiny felt the sting from it. That's going to hurt. Destiny's mind screamed at her to say an incantation. She hadn't really thought that out yet. She cast an ice trap, following with a colossus. She stared at Austin in horror. How could she have cheated?
Destiny's mind thought again. She was reading.


~Keep It Dead

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