Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prize Winners From Party

LotS Attending Members Raffle - Prize: Mega Snack Pack
To enter, all you have to do is boost this party's rating and click the "I am Attending" button. I will put the Attending Members names in Random.org!
Winner: fredmoonsong - Pending

Scavenger Game - Prize: 10$ Prepaid Giftcard
I will hold a Scavenger Hunt game in Nicholas Lionrider's Sun Palace and the winner will receive a Scavenger Hunt Game of their own!
Winner: Talon Talon - Prize Given

Random Person Contest - Prize: Cresent Axe of the Astrals
 Yea you know the staff, the one with the moon damage card. So basically LilCat will close her eyes and will click on someone's wizard name, add them, and gift them the Axe.
Winner: Jason Soulhunter - Prize Given

Random Person Contest: - Prize: 1 of each Hoard Pack
I will giveaway 1 Dragons, Wyverns, Ravens, Kirins, Hydras and Ninja's Lore Hoard Pack to one random person attending the party. 
Kieran Mythblade - Prize Given

DeathyWiz Fanart Contest - Prize: 10$ Prepaid Giftcard
Probably one of the easiest contest because I have no art talent so great artwork is like macaroni art. So all you have to do is redraw my banner (no color needed) and Marcus and I will pick our favorite and that person will win! Send in your entries to deathywizcontest@gmail.com with your picture and subject line: Contest 1.
Winner: Pending - Contest Ends June 30th

Email Contest: -  Prize: 1 Auroch Mount 
Super easy! Email: I want an Auroch Mount! to deathywizcontest@gmail.com with subject line: Contest 2 to win.
Winner: Pending - Contest Ends June 30th

So those are the winners so far! And if you haven't won, you can still enter two great contests! Party review coming Thursday!

~Keep It Dead

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