Saturday, June 2, 2012

What's Been Going On

Hey guys! Got some updates, here we go! (In a rush? Just read the bolded and click the links)

Well Spiral Live is tomorrow! It's been along time since we got behind the mic and make Spiral Live's 20th episode. Be sure to tune in at 5:30PM PST for a big announcement, a contest, and possibly a fun after party here! And we will continue Spiral Live on our usual show dates. So after tomorrows show (6/2/12) episode 21 will be 6/16/12. 

Now since my Death main is maxed out and is only really Pet Ranking I have continued Justin Sandshard, my Balance alt. I have to admit Balance is pretty fun, and very fun with going from hit and heal to hit find Pixie. So thats different.Currently I'm in the Krokospinx and got some help from my great friend Talon! Justin has a Piggle that gives him Balance Blade Card worth 30% as a pet.

The F2D Trilogy has gotten allot of dust on it! Particularly the TPR novel with only 25% completion. Myself and Destiny are trying to get started and will have a Collaboration Day on Sunday for TPR. And hopefully post some F2D on our sites and get that all out and put on the site.

Speaking of Destiny go to her blog and vote on her poll to decide a nice name for her blog here. I voted for Destiny's Travels but you pick what you think is a good fit.

Also my favorite dogs in the whole world, Becca and Linclon are coming over today so I might not post maybe until Monday or when they leave on Wednesday. And next week I will be on vacation so I wont post then but I'll tell you the exact dates when it gets closer to the date. And I will defiantly post more about my Blogoadversary soon! Lots of prizes, I have won and bought with my own money. So, long post but informational,

~Keep It Dead

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  1. Yes, definitely excited for the collab-day! Thanks for mentioning my poll, and happy vacation!