Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whats Been Going On

Hey guys! Well this is a post just to tell you guys whats been going on where I am.

First off, I won tickets for me and my family to go to California's Great America from our local News Station. So that should be fun. I have no idea when we'll go go but I'll be sure to take pictures of the park.........FROM MY NEW IPHONE! Yea, after a little bit off time, my family is moving up. My mom gets the the new 4S and my older brother gets the one under that, and I get the one under that :D! And my dad likes his standard Blackberry.

Also speaking of my dad. The last 3 days I have been going fishing with him. We caught a small Bass today and we put him in our big downstairs tank. Fishing isn't really my thing I do so it was kinda cool to do something different. And for Father's Day I got him a Fishing License (He's been wanting one for a while), and my brother got him a fishing pole, and even one for me!

And speaking of my brother, he's going to college this summer! So he'll be attending Howard University in DC and my whole family gets to go! I'll also take pictures there and make that into a post. 

In Wizard101 news, I got my Balance alt (Justin Sandshard) to New Gate Prison. I kinda hit a wall, the "Why am I doing all of these side quest" Wall. So maybe on Friday I'll finish those and head on to Big Ben. Also the Grande Party will be on Saturday. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. On that day Spiral Live will start broadcasting to the Spiral again from the party. So if you have some time, pop in and be part of the fun and contests. So hopefully 5 - 10 people show up so we can do PVP and maybe some tag games, or even just talk.

And me and Nick are working on a secret project *hint hint* P101 Podcast *hint hint*. Names are still being floated around so nothing is official yet.

So thats pretty much it! And if you forgot, always, ALWAYS!,

~Keep It Dead

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