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Your Weekly Dose Of F2D 6/24

Posting about the party on Monday but for now, F2D!

"Everything seems to work let's have a meal before our battle." Justin suggested that they met up with an esteemed Pyromancer, Nicholas Lionrider, just for the occasion, as well as to help in battle..
"How do you know Nicholas?" Destiny thought to Justin. She didn't know him.
"I knew him growing up..." Justin muttered. "Come on, we should teleport to his house." Justin took Destiny's hand and with a black and blue -poof-, they were off.
Destiny took in the breathtaking sight of a Sun Palace. The sun was setting, and all Des wanted wassleep, but food sounded good. Destiny had the lingering feeling that this meal would be her last. Justin and Nick talked for awhile about the battle the following morning as Nick prepared food.

“So what’s for dinner? Destiny thought casually.

“Nothing spectacular, but, Grilled Cheese for knowledge, Spinach for strength,  Rice for will, and Cherry Pie for… well it tastes good.” Nick said with a smile.

“Sounds good to me, by the way, Justin how is your vision?” Destiny laughed in her head.

“I can actually see a lot better, a little blurry but I can see” Justin replied.

                Destiny nodded her head in approval and went to Nick's Gorilla Cave as the boys went into conversation about Justin's sight. As Destiny approached the rather nice Gorilla she asked “Don't you get lonely here?”

The large Gorilla chuckled and said,
                “Of course not, I have Koi fish.” as he ran his hand in the pond. Destiny kneeled near the pond and looked in the water. Destiny ran her hand in the clear spring and immediately it turned into a brick of ice! Destiny yelped as Nick casted a Fire Elf on the pond. Nick nodded his head in humor and said,
Dinner's done.”
That's quick!” Destiny thought, astonished.

“I‘m a Pyromancer, I can cook anything” Nicholas said, a satisfied smirk on his face.
                Justin licked his lips at the tantalizing smell of Nicholas' food. Food meant a lot to him, it would satisfy hunger and replenish magical energy. He followed Nicholas into the gigantic Sun Palace, followed my Destiny, who was staring at her hands in shock. Just as he had hoped, a stone table was set for three and plates upon plates of food were sitting there, begging to be devoured. Justin breathed a heavy sigh of relief. He took a seat.
"Wonderful," Destiny thought to the group. "Shall we discuss tomorrow's events?" Wow, Justin thought, She can be really formal.
"Sure," Nicholas agreed.
                "Well," Justin started, "We all know that Zako has turned against us, or moreof, Destiny, who befriended him in the past events. He used the Forest Lord's curse on us, when we were supposedly dead from the tree." Justin thought out his words. "So, we should take out Zako's army first, so they won't protect him. To do that...we would need numbers."
"I could recruit the strongest back home, if they aren't under Zako's control." Destiny chewed on her lip, and some rice.
"Also, I know of a few people who could help out." Nicholas suggested. "I get around." Chuckling filled the room, and all three of the wizards' heads. Destiny lit up, she was actually smiling.
Ginger, her blue wings still crisp, shot through the room. Destiny leaped to her feet.
"Ginger!" She thought to her companion, stretching her arm out for the dragon to land upon. Ginger was carrying a note.
Soultamer, Shadowblade and those around them.
Don't think I am in the dark. How could you ever know what I know as of today? You ignorant whelps don't stand a chance.
I will always let you surrender, it may be the better option for...the both of us. Why do you even think that you'll stand a chance?
You have the night to consider your options.
Destiny levitated the note, and waved her hands over it somewhat cryptically. The note froze, and then shattered.
                "It was safe. I doubt it was from Zako. He would have sent a deathtrap." Destiny thought. "That's it, we need to get ready to fight." She snatched a grilled cheese sandwich off of her plate and laid out her reagents. She pieced them together, then magically infused them with her wand, the result a gleaming axe. Destiny grinned.
 "How did you do it, conjure your battle wardrobe so quickly?" Des thought.
"I had to learn a lot of spells to transform my robes, I'll show you later." Justin replied.
"I hope we get a later." Nick grumbled. "Zako might show at the crack of dawn." He motioned to Justin's sword. "You should get some battle practice in there, before it's too late." Destiny nodded.
                As the rulers and Nick munched down on their meal, in Wintertusk Zako was destroying the forest looking for the leaders. The life army was as large as the Dragonspyre Empire. Zako ordered his guards to release thousands of Firecats to burn down the whole forest.

“All of them my lord?”

                “All of them!” Zako shouted with a bellowing voice.  

~Keep It Dead

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