Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How's It's Gonna Work

Hey guys! For once in my blogging career I am backed up on posts! That Majestic Bundle post really threw me off. Now I have like 2 posts ready to be published. What a great feeling :D.

Tomorrow I'm going to ComicCon hosted by Geek&Sundry and AMD to play Pirate101 in Alpha. I might also look at some Halo stuff and maybe meet the cast of the Big Bang Theory since it's an 8 hour drive. And 16 hours in whole!

Anyways the real reason for this post was to inform you about TPR. Since we are under new management with Victoria Drake over at Kingsisle Universe (KIU). Writing has been dim since we are working on pushing KIU out of beta and filming the book trailer. 

Today we are shooting a couple of scenes including the battle scene ;)

The plot has totally been flipped with a major turn of events (Like a death)! And the third and last book of the F2D Trilogy, Cursed For Life (C4L) will be released early 2013 and TPR will be released later this year.

So myself and F2D Staff have great things in store for you!

~Keep It Dead

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