Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kingsisle Universe Needing Assistance

Hey guys. Kingsisle Universe is approaching completion (slowly and painfully) but we still have lots of tedious work to get done. Ria and I are still the only 2 founder. But, when KU is released we will defiantly need a Staff. Currently the staff consists of: 

Myself and Victoria Drake (Founders)

The Drakeflame and Connor Mistblade (Wizard101 Insider Moderators)

Destiny Soultamer (General Staff Member)

So obviously we need allot more staff. Here is what we need:

Forum Makers (1 - 2)
Wizard101 Insider Moderators (3)
Pirate101 Voyager Moderators (5)
General Editors (1 - 2)
Graphic Designers (2)
General Staff (4)

The ones we really need now are the Forum Makers. The Forum Makers are also the most important as of now and we really need this person dedicated, so we do have requirements:

Forum Maker Requirements:
*Knows a very good bit of HTML coding
*Able to make us a custom template
*Can help us when the forum goes live
*Knows how to work a forum using vbulletin (We'll provide)
Plus to be a forum designer, we would like to see work.

If you want to join please submit the following form to

Subject: Assistance (Type position you would like) 

Wizard Name:  
(To Give Credit)
Form of most convenient contact:

Occasionally Myself and Ria will dip into the site's budget and may just "give our thanks" to our staff by, a couple crowns, or Hoards, or KIFG Codes. Really anything. So, just keep that in mind :)

That wraps up this, hopefully informative, post and until next time....

~Keep It Dead