Monday, July 9, 2012

Majestic Bundle - Breaking News!

Members in community were invited to a new bundle house costing 40$ at Gamestop called Tower of the Winter Winds. This is an Avalon themed house, the house also has a secret room and a PVP arena. There is a feast table to claim gifts like the Genie and the Ape called Horn of Plenty (Thanksgiving Horn). Also with this bundle comes with a Caliburn tapestry and a Magic Mirror to take you to various places in the massive house. 

Here are the major items in the Bundle:

Tower of Winter Winds
Malorian Dragon (Arthurian Dragon Mount)
Strange Beast Pet
Silver Lance of Daybreak
True Silver Armor
1 month or 5000 crowns

Here is a picture of the two person mount:

And here are some pictures of the house and inside taken by my friend Victoria Drake over at Kingsisle Universe:

There I saw, Kelsey Fireheart, Marissa Petal, Bailey Skystaff, Jordan Sunflame and friend-ed Swordroll!

More coming later today!

~Keep It Dead

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  1. I am soooooooooooo buy this when it comes out. The only other bundle i have it the one with the sun palace but this looks way cooler.