Friday, July 27, 2012

PVP Status: Private

Private | 515
13 Won - 20 Lost

Yea, still a private! I think I might have did a least 15 PVP Battles winning about 10. My strategy is kinda different each time. Sometimes I like to use Vampie, Poison, Skeletal Pirate, Wraith. And other times I like to use Skeletal Dragon, Von, and Poison. Poison has been really helpful in the sense that Tower Shield users stand no chance, unless of course they have more than 4 shields. Thats also what I love about Poison, its costs me only 2 Power Pips.

Speaking of Tower Shields, I faces an opponent that must have put about 20 shields up. That battle I surprising won. I also did about 3 2v2's. I did two with Ria (both lost o_o), and one with Tyler (WON! :D). So 2v2 is not my thing, just to much deck changing. 

Saturday is Pet Training and Racing, also farming for Evil Magma Peas.

~Keep It Dead


  1. Destiny the Traveler:
    With the EMPs, level a Boom Shroom to elder, but don't harvest it. Put as many as you need of medium plots, one Shroom for every three. I put either an egg basket or a gnome between the plots, and a EMP in the plots. If I check them once a day, I'm elder in no more than ten days if I use a pest zapper.
    Hope this helped!

    You want any help, cause I am a private too :P