Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Update! PVP, KU, TPR, and Blaze!

Hey guys! It's been hard for me to post now even with PVP and pet training. PVP has gotten irritating and Pet Training takes to long for people to join the match. Recently I have been farming for Evil Magma Peas! As of now I have 2 with on in the ground. I think I might just do that instead of constant PVP.
Now on to KU and the F2D Trilogy. First off KU is at about 41 members, which is pretty good since we really haven't been doing much besides prepping it. On Sunday we had our Monthly Skye Meeting, and I must say. We covered allot. That meeting was about 30 minutes and once that was done, most of us stayed in the call for 4 Hours! 

Our staff is almost full we just need 3 more to get a solid 25! All we need are an Editor, and 2  Event Staff Members (Party and Contest Planners).

As for TPR. 
We have been brainstorming allot! We might have to go back and change our plot a little but it's for the best!  As of now 2 deaths are planned and a possible resurrection may come for one of our community members who has recently come back (Blaze)!

Yes my friend Blaze Shadowhorn is back and better than ever! Blaze is officially back to the W101 and possibly P101 community. Currently Blaze is an administrator for KU and has done a magnificent job. Hope to see more of his great work.

And that wraps up this hopefully informative post!

~Keep It Dead

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