Saturday, July 21, 2012

Whats So Great About Legends of the Spiral?

Well, today is officially Legends of the Spiral's Birthday. 

This post is mainly to talk about how AWESOME LotS is. I have been a member of Legends for a very long time but recently began to discover what it really has to offer by friend, Destiny Soultamer. Legends gives so many opportunities to Wizards of the Spiral to win prizes. All of their contests are fair and well balanced with, KIFG Codes, 5,000 Crowns, 10,000 Crowns, Shark Mounts, Pet Elixirs, Ice Elves and much more other stuff.  

But to say I only like LotS for their prizes would be wrong. Legends have formed such a caring staff too. I have asked many questions to Legends staff members and they have been answered in a timely manner.

Also, the members. LotS set such a standard for members behavior, it really changed us all.
Another thing I LOVE about LotS is, their Rune Translator and Cardmaker System. Now, who in the world had such a great idea to let the community make their own Wizard101 cards? Of course, Legends. That tool is so cool and I must say, I have created hundreds of cards using that tool alone.

Now lets move onto the Rune Translator. First off, the contests for them are, amazing and really challenge the brain. And second, I've just had fun making things with that. Such as: 

"DeathyWiz is awesome and you should totally check out his blog"

Just for fun. I have had ideas to use them to make a blog header, and I defiantly think I will use it for the TPR Trailer.

Last but not least, this would not be a LotS appreciation post if I was not to mention, the parties. I have hosted one party. I expected like 10 people to show up, have a nice little get-together at Nicks House. Turns out when we started a tag game, there were more than 50. Without Legends, my party probably would have been 10 people. And the next day, 17 people were still in Nicks house playing tag. I was happy people had fun, but, I was renting Nick's house, each hour a hoard. You guys stayed their for 12 Hours. -.-

But I have also attended a handful of parties posted on there, and I must say. I had a blast at each and everyone of them.

All in all Legends of the Spiral is a magnificent site. If you haven't checked out this site, your missing out. I hope for more years to some and I must truly say, I love Legends of the Spiral. 

~Keep It Dead
RIP Aurora Victims

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