Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wizard101 Blog and Archmage Wizard? DONT WORK! Part 1

Hey guys! Wow! Crazy, this is my most viewed month so far, gathering 1,800+ views. I know I haven't been posting but I am grateful you guys still comeback to check out the blog. My problem is, having a Wizard101 Blog and a wizard having beat the game, do not work!

Reasons, point blank. If your an Archmage you cant quest! Cant quest? Cant post. But I find ways around it. Like......posting about Batman!!! 

Haha, yea. On Sunday I went to see the new Batman movie. The movie was GREAT, I advise you to ask you parents to cough out a couple more dollars to go and see it in a good movie theater or it will totally ruin your experience. My movie theater was good, although my brother and mom thought it was cold. I had a magnificent experience.

I must say, eat before the movie o_o, it's about 3 hours. I went to McDonalds and had some of those new Chicken Mcbites (Not an advertisement) and they were very filling. Also, look on your recent McDonalds bags for a coupon on those (like I used) for a free medium fries OR fountain drink.

XD Well, I think I might do more of these posts. So I guess this is end of part 1 :D.

~Keep It Dead


  1. Maybe you should start a new character! But your character has to be death... Well its just a thought...

  2. when i run out of quests, i move into pvp. it's challenging, but much fun. anyway, hope you find ways to keep your wizard busy, take care.