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Your Weekly Dose Of F2D 7/1

There you go!
As the rulers and Nick munched down on their meal, in Wintertusk Zako was destroying the forest looking for the leaders. The life army was as large as the Dragonspyre Empire. Zako ordered his guards to release thousands of Firecats to burn down the whole forest.

“All of them my lord?”
                “All of them!” Zako shouted with a bellowing voice.  Immediately 2 treant guards raised the gate and thousands upon thousands of Firecats were released into the forest. Minutes after the release, the forest burned down with a lot of smoke by the startled cats. Trees falling, bushes flaming,  and debris fluttering in the damp air as Mazo looked at the expressions on the guards.

“If those imbeciles are in the forest they are sure to be dead!” Zako said with a happy grin. The guards looked at Zako in disgust and walked in the palace, limbs creaking.
"And then flip your axe in the air, catch it by the handle." Justin added. Destiny watched her axe send its icy light into the air, flip over, and plummet right into her hand.
Miraculously, Destiny's stunning armor let out the same icy light, and was overlapped by Dragonspyrian-style wyvernscale armor.
"Why the wyvern scale? It doesn't provide as much protection as the old armor." Nick commented.

"Close your eyes." Destiny smiled and snickered. She summoned a towering Ice Wyvern, and altered her spell's scales to match her black-and-blue wardrobe. She hopped on and hid her hands, as to blend in.
"'Kay, open 'em." Justin laughed.
"Awesome.." Justin muttered. "What's the crazy idea this time?"
"Perhaps we could go through the forest, disguised. Or, in the wyvern's case, through the mountain. We would blend in with the wyvern colonies." Destiny thought to her comerade and cousin.

"Colonies." Nick mumbled. "Earlier wizard colonies used tapestries. Tapestries, come on.." Destiny dispelled her Wyvern and followed Justin, who was hurrying behind Nick.
Zako looked from the palace steps and saw a portal in the sky  and a blurry image in it. The image was Justin, Destiny and Nicholas peering through a tapestry in Nicks Sun Palace.

Nick stuttered and said with fear, “When I chose my school of magic, this is the image I saw. ”

“Then why did you pick Pyromancy?” Destiny thought.

“I thought it was a nightmare….” Nick said. Immediately after Nick hung his head down in terror, thousands of Treants, Imps, Centaurs, Seraphs, Leprechauns, and Gnomes immerged from the massive palace doors.

“We're gonna need help.” Nick said. Nick casted a mighty Fire Dragon and whispered in its  ear…”Aestuo UmbraCornu, nunc!” Latin for 'Blaze Shadowhorn, now!'

                For Blaze Shadowhorn, this day was abnormal. He had gone about his so-called 'daily rounds' in Zafaria, spent some time browsing through the bazaar, and chatted it up with friends. So far, nothing was awry, askew, or interesting about the day's events. As a well-trained (and well known) wizard, the day just screamed that something was wrong. He broke into a run to the most crowded place he knew; the Commons.

                Blaze caught his breath near the Library. He panted for a second and strode out into the Lake, using a simple protection spell on his legs in order not to get so wet. He felt a little out of place, with his distressed look and creased eyebrow, and a little out of his mind. Why did he go to the commons?

                The only sound was his own heart beating. The place was dead silent, he could've sworn that he'd heard a wand hitting a pillow. There was not a soul to be noticed in the entire area. Zeke and Eloise had even abandoned their wares, Sabrina Greenstar had taken her cards and left, even the Registrar wasn't in Golem Court.
Everyone had fled.

"Hello?" Blaze called out into the emptiness. "HELLO!?" He yelled, only to hear fluttering.
"Gamma, what're you doing off of your perch?" Blaze asked.
"Young wizard, Yoooouuuu should know better than toooo be walking out here, especially now."
"Here? Now?" Blaze was 80% sure that he's lost his marbles. He blamed it on a grendellweed thorn, its qualities were unknown and yet he had gotten one in his wand hand.
"Young Wizard, if yoouu didn't know already, there's war going on, not too far off." Finally, something interesting..Blaze thought, and perked up. "It's beginning in the world of Grizzleheim. Lydia Greyrose can tell you more." Lydia, my professor. Things are getting interesting.
Ravenwood, which was also deserted, had at least another sound, coming from Greyrose's crafting station.

"Hello professor. Gamma sent me here. What's this war about?" Blaze pushed open the heavy Ice school door. Lydia fluttered over to Blaze's side.
Lydia fluttered over to Blaze's side. "Blaze, nice of you to turn up, I was getting a little lonely without the constant flow of novice Thaumaturges." She laughed. "This war? I have a book Famous Thaumaturge Rulers, Harold recommended it to me. Here, it started with the late king (of Grizzlehiem) Valerian Soultamer II, and his wife Alura, as well as Marcus Shadowblade."

Blaze put his hand on the book, the book and his eyes glowed a bright green color. Blaze said, "That all happened! Why doest anybody know, we have to tell Ambrose!"
"Dear, the teachers already know. That book is so old and it is continuing as we speak" Lydia said softly. The ground started to shake for a minute, Blaze ran out the door with Greyrose fluttering behind him. A large crimson Fire Dragon is standing mighty, "Aestuo UmbraCornu" the beast said in a deep voice.

                Blaze looked at his professor. Lydia said, "Blaze my dear, it wants you. Aestuo UmbraCornu means Blaze Shadowhorn in Wysteria Latin" Blaze look at the dragon climbed on its back. The dragon ran around Bartleby and lifted off at the Death schools former location. The wind going through Blaze's hair as the dragon shouts, "Nunc, nunc. nunc!"(Now, now, now) Blaze raised his hand up and an ominous blue portal appeared and the dragon flied directly in the center. Blaze opened his eyes to see a sea of Treants, Imps, Centaurs, Seraphs, Leprechauns, and Gnomes. The dragon flied toward Nick as he snapped his fingers and the beast disappeared. Blaze plopped to the grassy ground.


"Don't need 'em ." Justin tossed the clunky goggles to the ground, and immediately his vision was blacked out, except for beating hearts.

~Keep It Dead

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