Sunday, July 8, 2012

Your Weekly Dose Of F2D 7/8

Getting closer to the epic conclusion!

You okay? This is really nervewracking.." Destiny thought to Justin. She slipped on a white cloak over loose indigo robes. Wow, she is really indecisive..Justin thought, Destiny had gone through at least two other pairs of gear in the past hour.

"So, I was thinking," Nick commented, entering the room in a hurry. "If Zako is sending his armies out, we could better protect the Spiral by taking his army out from the air, defeating his strongest first, thus making Zako more vulnerable." Destiny nodded her head, and retracted an ice shard from her axe, placing it carefully into the center of a staff.
"Perhaps we could take him by surprise," Suggested a panting noice from the doorway. Blaze Shadowhorn stood up strighter, though still trying to catch his breath. "Hey everybody. Justin, Destiny, you aren't going to like what I just learned."
"I ruled Grizzleheim, and kept it from harm for years," Destiny thought, almost shouting in her head to the others, "There is no way that the Spiral turned against us."
"It's true," Blaze coolly said, "Zako made the Spiral think that you allied with Justin, which you in a sense did, who was wanted from the beginning."
"NOT my fault." Justin grunted.

"....Anyhow, since you allied with Justin, you both are wanted, and now you have to clean your records before becoming criminals and killers after you deal with Zako." Blaze concluded.
"Wait, what about me?" Nick brought up.
"You're at risk for being charged with assisting the am I...." Blaze bit his lower lip in thinking. "Yep, no choice but to clean."
"It's not even Spring yet...where did you get this information?" Destiny dryly joked.
"Lydia Greyrose, in Ravenwood."
"Wizard City, could be a risk. We need to get this problem solved." Justin decided. "Does anyone know the cloaking charm really well?" Destiny pulled her hood up and her staff glowed golden.

"There could be other options," She said, as the chill of a snow angel's presence flooded the room. She snickered. 
"No! What are we doing, we cant beat them!" Blaze said
                "Blaze, this is your homeland. Would you really let your origins be destroyed by those hoodlums!" Justin said sternly. Blaze took out his bow and spell deck. Blaze snapped his fingers as a mighty warrior  outfit appeared n him. Nick snapped his fingers and mighty Zafaria attire appeared on him. Blaze, Nicholas, and Justin looked at Destiny as she looked at her fingers. Destiny snapped her fingers and vivid blue light surrounded Destiny and her cloak lifted in an icy wind, her staff glowing. The others could see her intention, Destiny resembled a Snow Angel. Justin, Nick, Blaze and Destiny took out their wands and staffs and stood in a daunting stance. With four definite poofs, the four wizards teleported to one another, which really meant to Destiny, who stood in Today's Draugarth Fort. A deafening roar came from the palace. Zako hastily teleported as well, as did the rest of his army.

                The furious Zako put his stuck his hand in the air and clenched his fist. All thousands upon millions of life enemies charged directly at the group, though all of them were still recovering from port sickness, especially the gnomes, whose faces looked rather green. 
                Justin pointed to a cliff, Blaze immediately ran toward precipice. Justin pointed to a hole in the ground, Nick quickly ran to the pit. Justin looked at Destiny and said, "We started together and we end together" Destiny nodded and pulled out her wooden staff and looked toward the crowd headed toward them, getting avalanched by arrows from Blaze.  The ground started to rumble and dozens of meteors crashed down by Nick, Justin took out his axe.
"I remember getting scratched by a firecat." Destiny pointed to the ground, and from her finger slithered out an Arctic Snake. "Go,go to Zako, give him a nip for me." Destiny sent the snake off.

"What up with the Snow Angel gear?" Justin asked.

"We need to clean our records, I'm taking a stop by Ravenwood." Destiny pulled Justin onto a Snow Angel. She pulled her hood up and sped off.
Just as the two were reaching the house's Spiral barrier, The Snow Angel got enveloped in a blinding yellow light.

"Hello again, Soultamer." Destiny peered into the emerald green eyes of Austin, who snickered. Destiny screamed into his head. It caused the young wizard no discomfort. He kept walking towards Des, who shone a powerful beam from her staff onto him, with the same result.
Justin stepped out of the way as Katzenstein's Monster charged towards Austin, who sent it back with a simple spectral blast.

Destiny thought to Justin a single strategy, and smiled. Justin flicked his fingers, his axe swung out. The two flinched, but Austin only disappeared into shreds of magical energy.
"He was never there." Justin whispered.
Humidity flooded where the two rulers were standing. Zako's non-spell-powered aura was in effect. He was angry.

                "You're right Shadowblade." Zako said mockingly. "Austin was a wonderful servant, he was hard to lose...Destiny. Miss Destiny Soultamer, how could you have let me take over? Why didn't you abandon your enemy when you got the chance?" Destiny held her staff defensively.

"Ten years have passed without any agrresion between us Zako," Destiny cleverly hissed, though still using her mind.

~Keep It Dead

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