Monday, August 20, 2012

Dead-eye Justin and some In-Game Pictures!

All I'm gonna say FOR NOW, is that my name is Dead-eye Justin, level 8, Witchdoctor and my main companion is Kan Po, Goat Student. And the only pictures I am releasing are these FOR NOW:

Me casting a Hoodoo spell.

This dude has the most irritating accent ever!

Nicholas Lionrider NPC?

Frog Father (Godfather spin off, nice KI) o__o

Might use this later...

Would you like a bottle of Yum???

Beheaded Captain Gunn, looks like some rats (Ratbeard) stole his treasure!
See ya in Beta!

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fishing in Pirate101? Part 1

Hey guys! So over the past days I have been putting about 3 posts together and I really hope you enjoy part 1! Here it goes.....

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I've been doing in Minecraft

Hey guys, so I've been taking a break from Wizard101. Mainly because I have been playing lots of other games. And Minecraft is just plain FUN! Here are some pictures of my True Survival!
Me :D! Yea, I'm a squirrel.
View from afar.
Recently built bridge from home to forest.
My home.
My chest
My own personal mine.
Going down! Only I may see the treasures of my mine o_o.
I did find some diamond and I made some tools (in other chest) and I have to tell you, getting that Diamond was no walk in the park. 

So short post here, today is Corral Night and tomorrow is the First Day of School! I went school shopping today, very fun, and got lots of new clothes. Thanks for reading and,

~Keep It Dead

Monday, August 13, 2012

What A Booked Week!

You can find anything on Yahoo! Images!
Hello Wizaaaaards!!! So this week is gonna be so awesome: 

  • Monday and Tuesday - I go last minute school clothes shopping. 
  • Wednesday - Ravenwood Radio and Corral Night (Meet the Teachers). 
  • Thursday - at 10:30am I am off for school! And then Friday is a normal day at school, 8:15am - 2:45 (Fancy new schedule). And then until May 21st, 2013 that will be my weekdays.

Anywho, on Saturday I'm going to Great America with my family! I'll make sure to take pictures and share them here. Then Sunday I'm going to Raging Waters! Not sure if i'll take pictures there, too many wet people o_o. 

Even though many bloggers say they slow down post when in school, I speed up! With school, sometimes I get blog ideas and write them down in my binder. And as of right now I am currently working on 3 posts! All of them are pretty lengthy and one of them has a $10 Crowns code.

So um, yea those posts will come periodically! Thanks for reading and a big announcement this Saturday!

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, August 9, 2012

New Pirate101 Zafaria Rhino In Game Picture

Well I just had to! Here are two pictures of first glimpse of the Zafaria and a NPC Rhino in Pirate101 Beta:
In game this guy is part of the Blood Horn Gang
And is another one identical, just with Ctrl-G
Probably my last time in beta D:
~Keep It Dead 

Your Weekly Dose of F2D 8/9

After going through past posts I realized that F2D has been due for at least 2 weeks! Also remember that this was written about 4 months ago so and we haven't changed it. So here it is!