Sunday, August 19, 2012

Fishing in Pirate101? Part 1

Hey guys! So over the past days I have been putting about 3 posts together and I really hope you enjoy part 1! Here it goes.....

Hasn't the Wizard101 Community always wanted fishing in Wizard101?

In Wizard101 almost everybody has seen the fishing evidence in Grizzleheim. And we have all seen the Wizard Frog Fish Thing. 

As we all think, Fishing will be like Gardening, Crafting, or Pet Training. But Wizard101 already has 3 solid as I like to call them, "Alternatives". I have no idea if Pirate101 has Pet Training, Gardening, or Crafting but I do know Fishing would be great for us Pirates to do on our boats.

My idea was that our Companions could steer the ship to your next destination in the Skyway as you fish a couple for a minutes. 

Also in Wizard101 we have seen Fish Items! Like the Shark Mount, Koi Fish, Spiny Fish, and all the other fish in Celestia, etc. I am also for certain KI will make more Sea Creature, pets or mounts too. 

Remember the squid mount? Maybe this is where it will debut!

Now, if you were to catch a fish, what would you do with them? But it in your own aquarium! You've seen aquariums in Wizard101, like the craft-able aquarium, the aquarium in Stone Town, and the aquarium in the Storm House!

Now if Wizard101 had all of the pieces to make a Fishing feature, why wouldn't they make it already? Why would they take time to make a new Pet feature in Wizard101 with the ability to train your pet to Mega, and make two new Pet Games? Why would KI make concept art for a squid and never use it? At the time Wizard101 made the squid concept, Celestia was about to come out in Test Realm! I think they had allot of other work to do than draw up something they wouldn't make in years.

If your still following me, I am leading up to that they will try fishing in Pirate101. Personally I don't think a business like KI would waste time to put detail a guy fishing in Grizzleheim for nothing.

Now for your voice! Leave a comment or send me an email and I'll give YOU my opinion here in my next blog post (unless you don't want me to XD), and I guess I'll try and send out some codes! 

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  1. Funny. Kings Isle I am sorry to say you are great but, all the pet pavilian games are ripped off from Toon Town so if they are stolden why not steal fishing.

  2. IF they have fishing in wizard 101 then i hope there will be good rewards like garden treasure cards or snacks or something.