Monday, August 27, 2012

What Happened To My Post? The Wizard101 Directory, and Incoming Privateer!

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Well for some reason my "Fishing in Pirate101 Part 2" got sent back to a draft. So I want to post that later this week, so you guys know what happened.

Today The UnicornFlower's Type debuted a great "blog" called the Wizard101 Directory! This was made by Amber and her father to help us Wizards and Pirates navigate easily and find the most recent blog posts from around the spiral!  Don't see your blog on their extensive list, shoot them an email at asking for your blog to be added! Here is her blog post!

So as you know from my previous post, I was a Witchdoctor. After discussing with Nicholas Lionrider I have decided to switch to a Privateer! I realized that a Witchdoctor is really, in a sort, useless... Sorry you Witchdoctors out there but what do Witchdoctors really HELP with?

Pirate Classes
Buccaneer - Attacks Hard
Musketeer - Attacks from afar
Swashbucker - Swift, attacks moderate
Privateer - Healer
Witchdoctor - ???Has Kan Po as a "Starter Companion"???

Seriously though, what can they help with? I don't know, maybe they have some SUPER EPIC CRAZY attack that heals all team mates, but for now. I am a Privateer! Keep in mind, Dead-eye Justin is not deleted in Beta but is just......standing watch. 

So for now look for my Fishing in Pirate101? Part 2 in the next coming days.

~Keep It Dead

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