Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What I've been doing in Minecraft

Hey guys, so I've been taking a break from Wizard101. Mainly because I have been playing lots of other games. And Minecraft is just plain FUN! Here are some pictures of my True Survival!
Me :D! Yea, I'm a squirrel.
View from afar.
Recently built bridge from home to forest.
My home.
My chest
My own personal mine.
Going down! Only I may see the treasures of my mine o_o.
I did find some diamond and I made some tools (in other chest) and I have to tell you, getting that Diamond was no walk in the park. 

So short post here, today is Corral Night and tomorrow is the First Day of School! I went school shopping today, very fun, and got lots of new clothes. Thanks for reading and,

~Keep It Dead


  1. LOL getting any Diamond is hard... I saw some inside a ravine, so I went down and got mobbed by mobs XD

    1. Oh nice find! Lol, I hate when they just all go after you when you find something great. Or when you have allot of stuff and they try to kill you.