Thursday, August 9, 2012

Your Weekly Dose of F2D 8/9

After going through past posts I realized that F2D has been due for at least 2 weeks! Also remember that this was written about 4 months ago so and we haven't changed it. So here it is!
Destiny levitated the note, and waved her hands over it somewhat cryptically. The note froze, and then shattered.

                "It was safe. I doubt it was from Zako. He would have sent a deathtrap." Destiny thought. "That's it, we need to get ready to fight." She snatched a grilled cheese sandwich off of her plate and laid out her reagents. She pieced them together, then magically infused them with her wand, the result a gleaming axe. Destiny grinned.
 "How did you do it, conjure your battle wardrobe so quickly?" Des thought.
"I had to learn a lot of spells to transform my robes, I'll show you later." Justin replied.
"I hope we get a later." Nick grumbled. "Zako might show at the crack of dawn." He motioned to Justin's sword. "You should get some battle practice in there, before it's too late." Destiny nodded.

                As the rulers and Nick munched down on their meal, in Wintertusk Zako was destroying the forest looking for the leaders. The life army was as large as the Dragonspyre Empire. Zako ordered his guards to release thousands of Firecats to burn down the whole forest.

“All of them my lord?”

                “All of them!” Zako shouted with a bellowing voice.  

Immediately 2 treant guards raised the gate and thousands upon thousands of Firecats were released into the forest. Minutes after the release, the forest burned down with a lot of smoke by the startled cats. Trees falling, bushes flaming,  and debris fluttering in the damp air as Mazo looked at the expressions on the guards.

“If those imbeciles are in the forest they are sure to be dead!” Zako said with a happy grin. The guards looked at Zako in disgust and walked in the palace, limbs creaking.
"And then flip your axe in the air, catch it by the handle." Justin added. Destiny watched her axe send its icy light into the air, flip over, and plummet right into her hand.
Miraculously, Destiny's stunning armor let out the same icy light, and was overlapped by Dragonspyrian-style wyvernscale armor.

"Why the wyvern scale? It doesn't provide as much protection as the old armor." Nick commented.

"Close your eyes." Destiny smiled and snickered. She summoned a towering Ice Wyvern, and altered her spell's scales to match her black-and-blue wardrobe. She hopped on and hid her hands, as to blend in.

"'Kay, open 'em." Justin laughed.

"Awesome.." Justin muttered. "What's the crazy idea this time?"

"Perhaps we could go through the forest, disguised. Or, in the wyvern's case, through the mountain. We would blend in with the wyvern colonies." Destiny thought to her comerade and cousin.

"Colonies." Nick mumbled. "Earlier wizard colonies used tapestries. Tapestries, come on.." Destiny dispelled her Wyvern and followed Justin, who was hurrying behind Nick.
Zako looked from the palace steps and saw a portal in the sky  and a blurry image in it. The image was Justin, Destiny and Nicholas peering through a tapestry in Nicks Sun Palace.

Nick stuttered and said with fear, “When I chose my school of magic, this is the image I saw. ”

“Then why did you pick Pyromancy?” Destiny thought.

“I thought it was a nightmare….” Nick said. Immediately after Nick hung his head down in terror, thousands of Treants, Imps, Centaurs, Seraphs, Leprechauns, and Gnomes immerged from the massive palace doors.

“We're gonna need help.” Nick said. Nick casted a mighty Fire Dragon and whispered in its  ear…”Aestuo UmbraCornu, nunc!” Latin for 'Blaze Shadowhorn, now!'

~Keep It Dead


  1. AMAZING!!! I loved it Justin :) Aestuo UmbraCornu, nunc ;P

    Keep up the great posts!

    1. You are going to LOVE the next chapter, it was my best written in all of F2D; I had the feel for it that day.

      Great to see F2D still up!