Thursday, October 18, 2012

Aquila Explanation and Artwork + Contest

Sadly I have deemed infamous for my false artwork of not yet revealed worlds/creatures of the spiral. From Elf101 to Pirate101 Zafaria pictures. After thinking it over.....I actually received about 85% positive feedback from the posts. So apparently my core viewer base like em'!

The Eagles of Aquila were once the rulers of a great empire. Their navigators and explorers opened the paths between the realms of the Spiral. In the fullness of time, Valencia and other realms of the Spiral threw off Aquilan rule. Old Aquila is now a shadow of its former self. Valencia is the heir of Aquila's greatness. 

A key quote in that paragraph for me is the underlined section. "Old Aquila is now a shadow of its former self" That right there means that Aquila fell. Now let's think about Morganthe's prophecy. "The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall."

Yes I know, we all think Aquila will be in Pirate101, but as some of you know, (from the El Dorado Map), Marco Pollo and Merle Amborse were close friends! I'd bet you that Marco must have went to Ravenwood Academy one time or another. I personally think when Morganthe says "the skies will fall." she is talking about Aquila. 

I would say that Aquila is most likely to be based off of Ancient Greece after it's fall. The clothing kinda gives it away since they are usually seen wearing togas, robes, gowns etc. In addition wouldn't a place like Aquila hold a long, lost treasure for a Pirate or the Clockworks?

The avid collector, Avery, has seemed to stumble upon some Aquilan items! Now back to the El Dorado map. Basically Marco is telling Ambrose to not send any of his wizards to El Dorado. It also hints to that Avery knew where to find Catbeard, instead of sending us to Mooshu. Avery is a trickster, much like Cyrus Drake, he told us to get a chalice so he gets a map piece to El Dorado. He knows where and how to get to Aquila and also knows where a member of Marco Pollo's crew is - Catbeard.

A picture posted by J Todd Coleman: 

Shows birds, one of which is an eagle. These may be part of Aquila but many have said, including I, say that they are nothing more than 3 Privateer healing spells. 

The evidence is defiantly here, it has been said in game by the Frogfather's assistants, and obviously Avery has items from the once great world of Aquila. We all just have to wait for the update to come. 

Now, my friend created a world picture of the Aquila. Here it is:

Again, this is not official but is player-made artwork. You like it? Leave a comment or shoot me an email of what you think for a chance to win the code from the El Dorado Map for a FREE Ninja Pig companion. THIS CONTEST IS NOW OVER. WINNERS TO BE ANNOUNCED SOON (10/21/12)! And never forget....

~Keep It Dead


  1. Nice artwork :D I loved both of those fake posts XD, you got me fooled on both of them lol

  2. Replies
    1. It comes in the mail. If you purchased something from Pirate101 (I beleive), they have your mailing address. And if you haven't gotten one yet, you might. Here are some pictures - , , .

  3. Wow a ninja pig companion? That's so cool!

    1. Yep! Check out the post I JUST made like a second ago with my new Bulldog Companion from the Admiral's Bundle.

  4. Your companion didn't maked the concept, that's just a Skylanders: Giants photo with Jet Vac's (one of the toys in the game) on the image.
    Skylanders: Giants is a very good game and your friend didn't maked it.
    The image from the Tall Tales trailer isn't event about Aquila.

    1. We both are well aware. We both actually play the game :D. He made it with Jet Vac because he thought that's the closest thing to Aquila in Pirate101/Wizard101 at the moment.

  5. Love the Birds Pic! It would be awesome if they were pets or companions later when we get to see Aquila :D Really like your insight and am anxiously awaiting the reveal ;) Also love the Jet Vac in the fan art! My son loves that game too lol