Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Azteca - That Meteor and Malistaire's Resurrection?

Hello Wizards! Are you excited as most of the community is for Azteca? I hopped on Test Realm today to check out the new world, and I must say, it's pretty cool. In this post today I want to give you some information about that Meteor that is very prominent in Azteca and the relationship it may have with Malstaire's POSSIBLE resurrection. 

So today I did some searching, as many of us bloggers do! On MMORPG they talked a little about Comet Xibalba. Now you may ask, how do you say that, or what does that have to do with anything related to Malistaire? Well this is where my searching comes in. On a simple Wikipedia search of "Xibalba" you'll find terrible things! Xibalba is known to the Mayans as a "Place of Fear" and if you read on, you'll find more. Apparently Xibalba can resurrect the dead! Leah Ruben from Kingsisle said: 

“Somebody will be coming back to assist Morganthe. Players will recognize this character.”

Now come on! That's a "dead ;)" giveaway! From the staff to the boots this "new" villain defiantly resembles Malistaire Drake. And when you first get the quest to go to Azteca, guess who you talk to, Cyrus Drake.....and not Ambrose as usual. Coincidence? I think not! (If you know what Pixar movie that is from you get like 500 Brownie Points) 

Now for the possible deal breaker. This creature has wings (possibly Malistaire turned into a wraith?), and the villain does have bird-like fingers.

As many of you know, we'll probably find out this information tomorrow by some super-player tomorrow. Along the new spells for Death, Storm, Ice, and Fire. Now where does Morganthe's prophecy stand with Azteca? Right here:

"The mirror will break, the horn will call, from the shadows I strike, and the skies will fall."

Yes this does demolishes my prediction of Aquila being, "and the skies will fall" in my previous post, but this defiantly makes more since. Now lets read on the rest of Morganthe's prophecy for other world....what's that?....wait what!?.......oh my gosh. Could this possibly be the end of the Morganthe story arc? Could we actually defeat Morganthe in Azteca? Many questions to be asked, soon to be answered by the first braze Wizards to bare through Azteca in a matter of hours. 

For Justin, he defiantly will be scouring the deep jungles of Azteca to find the ancient secrets that may have clues/answers. Dead-eye Justin over in Pirate101 is now level 16 and about to venture into the Avernus Skyway. On November 6th my 1 year membership to Wizard101 will expire but I will renew it that very day for another whole year with my Adsense money. I want to thank you guys for the support because my Adsense balance has just reached $102 and will cash out on November 1st. Now after I get my Subscription back ( with most likely my parents money) I will defiantly hold multiply contests because, if you scroll down to the bottom of the site, you'll see +19,000 views! Just today I hit the 1,000 away number and thank you guys a bunch. 

And keep coming here for news, predictions, and more here on! And a priority of yours is to always, 

~Keep It Dead (or will Morganthe resurrect it D:)

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