Saturday, October 20, 2012

My Admirals's Bundle

Hey guys! Today, once my parents came back home from San Francisco they stopped by a local Wal-Mart and bought me the Admiral's Bundle! I was actually shocked because I thought they forgot about the whole thing! I ran upstairs, typed in the code, and logged back in. All of this happening while Nicholas Lionrider (who I'm talking on Skype with) was also logging on to see the items I received. Here are some pictures:

As you saw, the housing add-on isn't a dungeon of some sort, it is just a ladder. It doesn't even equip your flag! The Sabre is pretty cool, so is the outfit. The warship is a nice fixer-upper but will be a great addition to your collection (It also comes with a tiny figurehead).

And now for the companion. Mine was named Handsome Dan, but he really should have been named Adorable Andrew, or something like that. He is SO cute! He gives Rouse, the healing spell, and I believe he gets a promotion at level 15. Personally I got him at level 17 and he was ready. You have to pay 1,700 gold to get 2 new epic's, a feather on his hat and some "fluffies" on his shoulders.

If you feel that the time isn't right to ask you parents for something for a game, DON'T! This is not the best bundle out there, by a long shot. It is made more for Privateers (like me) and may not be of use for say a........Swashbuckler. So before you head out to Wal-Mart, think about what your getting so you don't waste $30.

~Keep It Dead

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