Monday, October 29, 2012

Ninja Pig Companion Winner #2

Ninja Pig Companion Winner #2

Congratz "ThisJKid"! Shoot me an email at for your Ninja Pig Companion prize code.

Now for my favorite comment/email has to be Lunar Fairy's! Lunar's comment was:
"I think it would be interesting  But i think it should only be limited to three companions or that instead of it being 4 pirates vs 4 pirates it would be 1 pirate and 4 of the companions."

My second favorite comment/email is Elijah Light Thief's comment:
"I think pirate101 pvp would take too long with all of the player pirates and their compainions.
-Elijah L."

Congratz Lunar and Elijah! Shoot me an email at for your Halloween Decorating Pack code!

I have 2 more codes to giveaway for a Ninja Pig Companion, so stay tuned here and on my Twitter!

~Keep It Dead

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