Sunday, October 14, 2012

The Great Day of Lag - 5 Tips to Help You Today

As you all know Pirate101 will officially go LIVE to all non-paying players tomorrow. Last Monday headstart began at about 7am PST/10am EST. It is projected to be around the same time tomorrow. Many have speculated the amount of former Wizards that will all swarm to Pirate101 at once. Kelsey Fireheart said: 

[7:15:13 PM] Kelsey Fireheart: omg.. so many. can't even think of a number :O

But what do you need to do to avoid as much lag as possible? Follow the following tips and you'll have approximately 50% less lag than the rest of em'.

  • CHANGE YOUR REALM IMMEDIATELY - Realm Vadima usually is at perfect or normal. Figure out which realm is just right, perfect and normal are the best. Avery is the realm everybody starts out on when you first create your pirate, so hurry out of there.
  • HAVE A MOUNT? GET RID OF IT! - I know you paid for that special mount, but if I were you, I'd wait at least until Wednesday. Mounts do speed you up, but on the "Great Day of Lag" it will only slow you down.
  • SHUT OFF YOUR INTERNET BROWSER - Having Skype up like I usually do is OK, but if you have this up (click here)......SHUT IT OFF! Yea, you see that box. Those two sites will ruin your game play! Twitter and Facebook are constantly updating slowing down your computer. Don't you notice how the second somebody tweets something it shows up? My point exactly, Twitter constantly looks for updates. 
  • RUN A SCAN BEFORE WORK/SCHOOL - If you can quickly run your general computer scan today (10/14/12), that will make sure you don't have any bugs or viruses that will slow you down
  • HAVE FUN! :D - Pirate101 in all is a game, you need to have fun. Don't get stressed out when your game crashes or you can't get your attack in because you freeze. And if you use the tips above, you should be flying through the skyway with minimal lag spikes. And if it comes down to that and projected number of people is much higher, well....wait. The great rush will die down in about a week. But don't make the foolish mistake to wait until the weekends. Saturday and Sunday are most used day for MMORPG's. 
I really hope this helps you play Pirate101 in it's whole entirety. Want to add me on your friends list? Shoot me a TFC here! HEY! Do you want an Admirals Bundle or a Prehistoric Bundle? Click here for Swordroll's great tips to get Wal-Mart employees to cooperate.

~Keep it Dead

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