Saturday, October 6, 2012

Can't You Just Smell The Yum? - The End of Pirate101 Beta

"Time ticks on mercilessly, and we all sort of want the buzzer to end our grief. When the alarm goes off, we'll start a new timer and wait for Live."

As beta pirates gathered in Avery's Court today we all knew what was going to happen in about an hour. Beta will be set in stone, never to be played again. Approximately 35 pirates stood together to bare the final "character wipe" in the history of Pirate101. Yes, it all was a character wipe (Wipe - Swipe - Swiper). We've already had one before. But now we have to wait about a week to play again D: (typed sarcastically). 

Twizards and Twirates alike took to Twitter to announce the countdown and when Pirate101 Beta officially shut their doors. In fact Pieces of Eight Radio livestreamed the event and answered the chat rooms, about 20 listening in, questions. 
Numerous Bloggers (such as I am doing right now) took to and typed up a goodbye post. Along with their written statements, pictures of the get-together. 

And if you didn't get into beta? All I can say is, after awhile the, "OMG I'M IN PIRATE101!!!!!" wears off. It was just a test. And hopefully the bugs us Beta testers sent in were received and heard by Kingsisle  like they normally do. As a the Pirate101 and Wizard101 community are so close to Pirate101 LIVE, we all can almost smell the bottles of yum awaiting us on the 15th.

And think of it, headstart starts Monday! Sadly I have to wait until Wednesday to get my Boochbeard Bundle (BBB) :/, but we are basically already here. 

Also look on Youtube for IAmTheChezz's Youtube video's with myself, Nicholas Lionrider, Franchino, Skreech, and Anthony for hours of laughter. (WARNING: CONTENT ON THE IAmTheChezz Youtube MAY NOT BE APPROPRIATE FOR ALL AGES!)

Community, we are in the final stretch. 

~Keep It Dead