Thursday, November 8, 2012

GASPS! 20,000 Views? That Calls For A Contest!


Hello all! Sorry this is a little late but, 100 views ago I hit 20,000 views! And really, I have some stuff in my prize pot that I really have no use for. From 1,000 Crowns codes to Ninja Pig Companions. In total I have about 20 random codes, ALL unused! 

Although I should give them to you for free, I'm gonna make you do a little work for em'. All you have to do is send the correct answer to to ONE of the questions, and I'll shoot you a code for each one and more if the question has bonus codes added to it. Here are the questions:

1. MATH - My blog has been around since June of 2011. I just reached 20,000 views, approximately how many views do I get a month? Round to the nearest tenth. (2 bonus prize codes)

2. 101 TRIVIA - When was Pirate101 officially released to the public?

3. BLOG TRIVIA - How many followers do I have?

4. COMMUNITY TRIVIA - What blog was recently added to the Pirate101 Official Fansite list? (1 bonus prize code)

5. OPINION - What does K.I.D - Keep It Dead mean? (I honestly don't know, but what do you think it means? 2 bonus prize codes)

All you have to do is set your email up like this:

Subject: 20,000 Views! Congratz!

Question: # (Example: #1) 

Answer: ...
Game Name: ...

(For an 2 extra codes make your own Keep It. i.e Keep It Cold (Ice Wizards) make your own!)

Hope ya'll (O_O Cool Ranch lingo strikes again) can enter!

~Keep It Dead!

P.S. Triple L and Jason McGowan, check the comments on this post. :)


  1. Salty Klaus has entered the contest.. kinda.. might have gotten a couple wrong... bah whatever Merry Christmas From Salty Klaus and his lil squid pet Tiny Tim

  2. Replies
    1. Just your name in game. Like mine would be Justin Shadowblade.

    2. Eh, I just checked the email and 5 other people did that same that you did. It doesn't matter XD.

  3. Hope to see an email from ya soon

    1. I'll send out the prizes probably tomorrow morning to the 20 or so participants.