Tuesday, November 20, 2012

P-P-P-Pirate101 Overdose! x_x

Hello fellow Earthlings! This week has been crazy! Here is what I've been up to:

  • Monday (11/12/12) - Sunday (11/18/12)
These 7 day drove me insane! Everyday for about 5 hours after school was dedicated to farming Johnny Ringo and Thunderhead for the Armadillo Verde, up until Friday. Saturday and Sunday were frustrating too, approximately 10 hours both days and still no Armadillo. If anything I gained 2 levels, +40,000 gold, and 2 Golden Scorpions just farming Thunderhead. +20,000 gold and 1 level farming Johnny Ringo. But every time I fly by Isla De Muertos, I pop in and take a good swing or two at Thunderhead.

  • My New Ship! Marleybonian Origin
With the approximately +80,000  gold I aqquired from my farming I asked my level 50 friend, Wolf, to take me to Port Regal. -14,000 gold later I got this:

Ain't she a beauty? The Hero's Bounty is a fine hunk of wood and gold has about 1,500 health, 90 fuel and great stats.

  • 2 New Recruitment!
Today (11/19/12) I recruited two new members to me crew!
Me crew! 
Scorpius was a boss I had to defeat for a side quest, and, well he has the highest damage rate of all of my companions (After training: 108 - 80 damage)
Don't know why his picture didn't show up, but I recruited Rooster Cogburn! My 3rd Musketeer!
And this is my first full page of companions, five not regular to my class - Scorpion, Cat, Shark, Bulldog , and Ninja Pig Companions.

  • What Spell Am I Under......NOW!

First in Wizard101, now in Pirate101! It seems that Kingsisle often makes us Pirates and Wizards take potions and spells that, make us breath under water, go back to the past and appear as the owl - Gamma, and in this case.....talk to LARGE animals!
Brother Owl! My parrot is now very tiny! Wonder if he could be a 4 person mount?
Sister Snake/Serpent, creepiest voice......EVER!
Weird indeed! Well that wraps up this post! Now I'm a level 27 and on my way to find Tonka, and this whole week I am off for Thanksgiving break! Hope that you have an amazing Thanksgiving! And you know what this means -

Until next time friends!

~Keep It Dead

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