Wednesday, December 12, 2012

A Much Needed Break: Complete | Major Update

Wowee everybody! Thanks for baring with me as I was on my much needed break from blogging.  My personal life has actually been pretty crazy.

On Thursday (12/6/12) I was putting a glass cup away behind another and the one in front fell and broke on my right hand. Cut my hand pretty bad, and deep. That day I went to the ER and got around 30 stitches, not too bad. But I've been slowly learning how to move the mouse with my left hand now. Still having some troubles with discarding things in Wizard101. Speaking of Wizard101, lets move on into the important stuff, the 101 stuff....


Wizard101 has been fun! I started questing in Azteca on Sunday with, Kaylee, IAmTheChezz (Tyler), and Nicholas Lionrider. We actually recorded our way through the 3 areas for Tyler's play through of Azteca. I've finally settled down with my Fierce Hound as my main pet, he gives me some Death boost, Feint, and the almighty Spiritly. I've also been rolling around on my T-Rex, still deciding which I like more. My T-Rex or my Scarydactyl......hmmm. And now to add into the bunch just today I got a Malorian Dragon from the Majestic Bundle.


Pirate101 has been amazing! This past weekend (+ Friday and Monday) I've been dedicated to getting out of Tumbleweed. On Friday I saved the, quite rude, Nepoleguin and the ever lovely. Mustang Sally. I quickly made my way out of Port Regal and started Tumbleweed. Tumbleweed only took me 3 days. I could've probably finished it on Saturday but, sidequests, I had to take em'. After I became the Magnificent Seventh (My favorite number along with 9) I ended the Wild Bunch Gang, and moved onto the Haunted Skyways. Although I feel the Deacon's presence, I press on. I am currently level 37 and still waving my flag proud on the Hero's Bounty. Here are "some" pictures:

After. Boom!
Blah, Blah, Blah. If I can defeat the Golden Monkey then I can surly defeat a brass one. Deal with it! 

Thank Yum, Handsome Dan didn't look like this!

Nicholas Bearrider? Nah, Nicholas Lionrider is cooler.
At one point or another, both my least favorite guys.

The Catspaw
So ugly.
Gortez and Nepoleguin
Fatty......I'm talking about me. Not Mrs. Shoulders XD
Dead dude ._.

Mr. Peacock
Jane. Competition with Bonnie Anne.
Daffy Duck!
Talking to Tomahawks?
Ewwww, not you again. Oh! I just ate your cousin with a side of butter just the other day :D
Woot! New companion!
I...look...soooooooo fat!!!
Smart Fred Turner's cousin?
Hey, your not Rooke! AMBUSH!
Out with the old.... with the new!
My, my, Ms. Anne!
Gandry and Boochbeard here to cheer me on at my Boxing Match :D

Off we go!
Jane and Mr. Peacock
Daffy Duck and Billy

2 companions!?!

Daffy Duck
Billy and Bill
The 6

3 objectives?

Yea, your too old, come along!
New Companion
New Companion
My current place in the storyline, yep, with the creepy chicken.
Yea, just a couple of pictures, "only" 61 images :). 

101 Updates

12 Days of the Spiral-----1: Fa-la-la-la-Llama Mount | 2: Gingerbread Contest (KI) | 3: Free P101 Hosuing Item | 4: 50% Off Select Items (OVER) | 5: Free W101 Item | 6: | 7: ? | 8: ? | 8: ? | 9: ? | 10: ? | 11: ? | 12: ? | 13: ? | 14: ? | 15: ? |
Wizard101----- X
Pirate101----- Pirate101 PVP and over 1,500 tweaks to game.

Well that wraps up this post! Keep checking back here at for contest, events, and news! 

~Keep It Dead

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