Sunday, December 30, 2012

*BREAKING NEWS* Nightmare Bundle

Hey guys! This is some pretty breaking news I have for ya, THE NIGHTMARE BUNDLE! This bundle sports a Twilight Castle + Haunted Forest, Two-Person Vampire Mount, Nightstalker's Staff + Bloodsucker Outfit (Levels: 10 - 90), this amazing bundle also comes with your very own Pet Lagooney! This new bundle is the usual $39 and seems to be geared toward Darkmoor and Death Wizards. Will you be getting this? I know I will!

This bundle is also set to release in very early 2013 at Bestbuy's in the US. 

~Keep It Dead



  1. I bet this is something faked by your friend again like Elf101, lol. Can't fool me!

  2. Kinda obvious only I didnt get as much time. Justin is extremely strict on me doing art for him. I only had a set amount of time and literally nothing to work with so excuse the faults that I would have changed, if I had more time. Lagoony and "Vampire" spelling errors, the character itself I would have done better but not enough time and space was given and I also was going to add an in game photo of the house in "his" backpack which would have said "Dr Von's Mansion" and had a realitic image of the house itself.

  3. Swordroll said: I do believe you were called out on one of these previously. My recommendation: If you do hoaxes, let me us know in the same post. E.g. the fake the Nightmare Bundle which you are leading many to believe is real.

  4. Avery Zales said: I can tell that there are a few reasons that this is a fake bundle. You see, there are two typos in the description bullet points that ki would catch here, like "lagoony" when the correct spelling is "lagooney", and "vampie" when the spelling is "vampire". See, there is also a concept piece in the background which I don't think would be on a gift card. Also, if the card is not in stores yet, there would be the outline of the perforated part of the card, where you have it as a black space. Then, the wizard in gear isn't proportional to a wizard, and isn't a wizard at all. After that, if the mount is meant for two people, then it would have two people on the card. Also, there is no record of any bundle coming on the best buy site, and there are no google results besides this one. I just wanted to point this out, so you would know that this bundle isn't real.