Sunday, December 23, 2012

End of the World: 24 Hour Charity Marathon - Hit or Miss? And Contest Winners


Yes, Tyler's (IAmTheChezz) 24 Hour Charity Marathon with a huge "HIT". Throughout the whole livestream we kept a good 15-20 viewers. All together we gave away over 60,000 crowns worth of prizes! Tons of Llamas and Reindeer mounts were given away and about a million Yuletide packs. Now onto the contest winners...
Contest #2
Winner----Diana Flamerider
Winner----Mark N.
Secret Code Word was..........Peach Cobbler

Contest #4
I♥AVALON's Pre-New Years Achievement was to defeat Malistaire on his level 53 Death Wizard.
Congratz to the winners and your prizes and information to receive your prizes will be sent out shortly.
Thanks you all (47) for entering and come back here on Christmas day (PST) sharp for a Code Bonanza!!!! Yes at midnight Christmas eve I will push out all of my codes for the taking. So good luck.

~Keep It Dead

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