Thursday, December 20, 2012

Not 1, Not 2, Not 3, But 4 Contests! and IAmTheChezz (Tyler) over on Youtube are teaming up for our, "End of the World: 24 Hour Charity Marathon!" This marathon will start at 5:30PM EST December 21st (FRIDAY -or- TODAY), on Tyler's Livestream (here). We'll be making jokes and playing Wizard101 with our new alt's.
(More information....HERE!)

Contest #1 (PLEASE STANDBY) 
You won't be just sitting there hearing us crack jokes, you'll be entering for a chance to win numerous Yuletide items from Wizard101. Yes!, Llamas, owls, wands, robes, packs, and much, much more!  And of course I'll be there, along with Nicholas Lionrider, and Tyler. So stay tuned!

Contest #2
Every hour I will say a not-so-secret code word (same code word each hour) on the livestream and what you need to do is send in an email like this:

Click to enlarge
SUBJECT: IAmTheChezz Secret Word Contest

Of course filling in the "INSERT" parts, then your entered in a chance to win a Llama or a Reindeer + Sleigh. 2 Winners!  

No more entries will be accepted after: December 22nd at 5:37PM EST
*You may only enter once

Contest #3
Just wait one second! I'll also be giving away five Goldenbeak Swords from brought to you by Legends of the Spiral (WCAA)! And that's not all! I'm also giving away ten Staves of the Imperator thanks goes to the great folks over at Ravenwood Radio for the staves! All given away LIVE on the stream! So stay tuned!

Contest #4
*This contest is outside of the Livestream, so you can enter RIGHT NOW!

Just for the holidays, how about a Mega Bundle? This one you'll have to work a little for. Tell me what your Pre-New Years Achievement is! Don't understand? Ok, before 2012 is over I would like to......get my Main Pirate and Myth Wizard out of Mooshu. Tell me what you want to accomplish before the year is over. Just set up your email like this:

Click to enlarge
SUBJECT: Pre-New Years Achievement

and your entered!

No more entries will be accepted after: December 22nd at 12:00 PST 
*You may only enter once
Excited? And guess what! These are only 3 of my contests of the about 15 I have planned for to get rid of all my Prize Pot including: bundles, crowns, pets, mounts, homes, wands, housing items, and more from now until the 31st of December so stay tuned here at!

~Keep It Dead

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  1. Will you be having any contests with P101 loot? (Prob'ly not checking back here, so shoot me an e-mail with your reply, please.)