Sunday, January 29, 2012

Farming With Patrick!

So today I was talking to Patrick EmeraldPyre and we did a little bit of farming and what do you think I was farming for? Well I don't have the best pet (Sorry Diesel!) and I was trying to get a Death Cyclops with no avail. But I did get a sweet and rare Cyrus Drake Post thingy. I only wish you could get a Malistaire one without it being torn. Or even a Morganthe! Anyways thanks Patrick. Also Spiral Live was yesterday night and Nick was Ridin' Solo! Nick did a great job and Blaze's Tips and Tricks segment was great....Blaze was talking about Crowns and Chocolate? Go check it out here! Welp, gonna go quest with JFB!

~Keep It Frosty Dead

Justin Fireblade

Hey guys, well yesterday I remember the good ole' times when I was in Krokotopia. So I want to go back to then, but as a fire wizard! His name is Justin Fireblade and he has the coolest Firewing pet named Lady Mia. Justin Fireblade's nickname will be JFB. I will keep you guys posted on his progress. Also thanks for the great feedback on F2D. We will continue with the rest of our chapters and I promise you they will not disappoint.

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Frozen To Death: Chapter 1


     100 years ago today was the horrible Unspoken War. The Grizzleheim we know today was once all covered in ice. The ruler at the time was Queen Destiny Soultamer. Destiny was a rich, powerful and somewhat greedy queen. But Queen Soultamer loved her citizens and they loved her. The people always looked to her when death would strike. Who was death? Yes, death is person. This miserable, sad, lonely person was the one and only Justin Shadowblade. Justin was jealous that the only land the previous queen left him was the underworld and she gave Destiny all of Grizzleheim, so Justin was always waiting for Destiny to slip up.        

     Justin only needed one slip up, just one. But Destiny was perfect, unless she was to get sick. Destiny and her ice guardians were looking for her Arctic Snake and a Fire Cat pounced out of the bushes and scratched her on the arm and ran off. Destiny had gotten a Hot Scratch, opposite of Frost Bite. The ill queen could not rule for at least a couple days. Her aunt, Katrina Jadeleaf took office while Destiny was sick. Little did Destiny know when she gave Aunt Katrina temporary control of Grizzleheim, Katrina was Justin’s mother. Destiny was oblivious to the fact that Justin was her cousin. Katrina had kept it a secret for very many years.


How'd you like Chapter 1? Yes F2D is a novel! Me and Destiny have all 20 Chapters ready to go and we will be putting those out soon. I want to say thanks to Nicholas Lionrider for our awesome poster and announcing it on Spiral Live.

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, January 26, 2012


Image Detail 
Did you know my all time favorite candy is HARIBO Gummy Bears
(I'm actually eating some right now)

~Keep It Dead
P.S. @Nick the other one is for Halloween

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


This one is a DYK but more like a Can You Believe so...

Did you know 1 month ago today it was Christmas?
(Time goes so fast!)

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Sorry DYK, F2D, and Jade Academy

Sorry you guys, I just have no time to post a DYK (Did You Know) on Thursdays and Fridays. So DYK will be Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursdays at my school just tire me out and I fall asleep and also on Fridays, but on Fridays at 6:00 PM I have to leave for piano practice. 

JADE Academy was on the 19th we were learning how to attack Storm bosses with Death spells, and kill. We had a couple of people that remembered show up (36) and we had so much fun defeating the Kraken in Triton Avenue with our lower level wizards. We went to beat Kraysys with our higher level wizards. Our next class will be - 2/4/2012, two weeks from TODAY! We never had JADE Academy on a Saturday but we like to try new things, we will be learning how to attack Ice bosses with Death spells, and kill. Also can someone this will be going remind me to take screenshots, and please, RSVP at (First words must say: Jade Academy). 

Also F2D is so hard to put together being me and Destiny live in different time zones. So again, I'm sorry will have to hold back on F2D . I'm really sorry it just needs to be perfect. So...

~Keep It Dead