Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Hey guys, I'm moving today and the internet and cable will be down Saturday. 

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Sunday, February 26, 2012

F2D Save or Kill?

Now, first off me and Nick do NOT want to kick Destiny off on the F2D Project we just want her to dies because it will be a major twist in the story arc. So go to Destiny's blog and vote, we really need your input because you are the viewers.

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Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Tough Desicion

Hey guys,  Spiral Live went great with TFN (The Friendly Necromancer). F2D also went on as planned and we will be recording again in about a week and a half for the 3rd installment. 

So now for that tough decision. I want to ask you guys if I added ads to the blog would you be OK with that. Now, I'm not poor, its just my next project involves getting you guys lots and lots of W101 Gift Cards. And this would boost up the process, because I will need 6 Gift Cards which is 60$. So please weigh in by email or comment on this post on this important matter.

~Keep It Dead

P.S. The adds would be Wizard101 Related

Sorry but F2D

Hey guys, sorry for not telling you but DYK was a 2 week thing like most of my projects. If you remember I had a post called, "Projects, Projects, PROJECTS" well that post stated I will do some projects that will be interesting but for only two weeks. So I have a good one that will take a lot of GIMP cropping. 

But the good news is as I said in my last post, F2D is finished and we are working on another one with a great plot. Now most of you have not READ past the prologue because me and Destiny have a great relationship with Spiral Live so that we have a segment on their great Wizard101 podcast (Watch out Ravenwood Radio!). So we recorded yesterday but as Ditto would say we had Night of the 1000 Bloopers. And the great Nicholas Lionrider - Host of Spiral Live - kept the bad recordings and made it into a little blooper show on Youtube. Last I checked we have:


in 30 minutes. So click here! Luckily we have the segment ready for Spiral Live and we hope you come out to SL 15 tonight 8:30 Eastern or 7:30 Central. And with that, 

~Keep It Dead

P.S Happy 3rd Wizaverssary Nick!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Leaving For While

Hey guys. I'm not gonna be able to post because I have to take care of my moms (rich) bosses dogs. So I need to take EXTRA care of them. Be back posting on Monday. And I have a post ready too!

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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

DYK 13

Did you know Wizard101 got Ptolemos from the Greek astronomer Ptolemy 

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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

DYK 12 by Destiny

SO TIRED!!! Me and Destiny were talking on skype and I asked if she could do DYK for me, so:

Did you know that you can see the moon in a moon spell?

Thanks so much Destiny! 

Keep Traveling!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Fire VS Ice (A Must Read)

First off this is my 150th post! 

Now, a couple of days ago I posted I was making a Fire wizard, JFB(Justin Fireblade). I decided to abandon him and go make an Ice wizard, JIB(Justin Iceblade). I did NOT delete JFB, I just said I wont play him. I got a flood of responses from bloggers like, Elijah Lighttheif, Nicholas Lionrider, The Brave Pyromancer, and Destiny Soultamer. I even got a response from non-bloggers, 18 to be exact. So thats a total of 22, this is the crazy part, look at the stats.

Image DetailFire Agrees ------------------------------- 11
Ice Agrees --------------------------------11

Yea, a total tie. So I will do a poll. I hope you take the time and vote on which school my ALT should be. The last choice is absolutely OK with me, I've done it before. I had a Life wizard and Death wizard both at level 17. I knew I wanted to take one all the way threw and I chose Death, that Death wizard was Justin. I can play two wizards. So, vote!!!!!
 <---- So true!

~Keep It Dead

DYK 11

Did you know Martin Luther Kings Jr's original name was Michael
(MLK's dad changed his name to Martin so MLK changed his own to Martin)


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Sorry Pyromancers

Well, I have decided to abandon my level 4 Pyromancer. Pyromancy seemed annoying so I have switched straight across the board to being a Thaumaturge. His name is Justin Iceblade, even though it will take me like 30 levels till I get an actually Ice blade. So he is sporting a cool (see what I did there) Ice Beetle. More updates soon!

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Spiral Live After Party and Show

Well Spiral Live went great, me and Nick had lots of fun. The Frozen to Death segment debuted on Spiral Live. So yea, thats what me and Destiny were recording last week. Here is a picture of the first few people to see my finished house. We were at my gardening shack/area.
So yea,
~Keep It Dead

Spiral Live Episode 14

Hey guys so Spiral Live is going LIVE today! And guess who is co-host: 


So yea :D
8:30pm Eastern
7:30pm Central
6:30pm Mountain
5:30pm Pacific
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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

DYK 10

Did you know everyday I write down ideas for DYK in 2nd period
(Wow 10 of these!?)

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