Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #4

The third poll prizes have been sent out. If you did not receive a code that means you did not provide an email for me to contact you by. So for the forth question it was...

Are You OK With Ads

The Results:

Yes!- 3 (14%) 

Yes! More prizes in contests - 4 (19%)  

Yes, but only 1 or 2 please. - 14 (66%)

No, distracting from the content - 0 (0%)

As you can see Yes, but only 1 or 2 please. took 66% of the votes! A total of 21 people voted! So if you voted comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes, a pet, or even 1,000 Crowns. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

P.S. New Poll is up!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

For Ye' Landlubbers and Wizards


So yeah of course Pirate101 is now in closed Alpha. I honestly think Pirate101 will be better than Wizard101 for teenagers. Pirate101 seems like Kingsisle is wandering into the World Of Warcraft zone with this game a little bit. Pirate101 also looks like it will be a little more interactive.

I have already decided I will be a Witchdoctor. My name will be like DeathyWiz but, WitchyPi. Blaze and Nick will be Bucaneers, Destiny will be a Swashbuckler. If you want to pick out your class you can do so here.

Also, Polaris. I told y'all! Polaris is ruled by penguins and is an Ice themed world. Since Pirate101 is in closed Alpha only some fortunate wizards can give Intel on what is going on as a Pirate. So hopefully we can get more information on all the worlds. We do know, Pirate101 does take place in the Spiral and these are the world we know of:

Skull Island (Nicks prediction was right)
Monquista (Home of Monkey's)
Valencia (Home of Diego)
Mooshu (In islands)
Polaris (Home of Penguins, my prediction)
Marleybone (Seems to be normal)

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

New Poll Is Up!


So after I got dressed for school I went on my blog and went to see who posted a comment on the "Poll Result - Prizes #3". I looked to my right and saw 8000 on my counter! So far this month I have gotten 1,500+ views!
Why all of the sudden?

If your wondering when the next contest will be? It's very soon, it's gonna be big :)

~Keep It Dead

Monday, April 23, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #3

The second poll prizes have been sent out. So for the second question it was...

Which Is The Best Level 78 Pet? 

The Results:

Efreet - 7 (35%) 

Woolly Mammoth - 14 (70%)

Triton - 4 (20%)

Chimera - 6 (30%)

Gnomes! - 7 (35%)

Bone Dragon - 3 (15%)

Basilisk  - 5 (25%)

As you can see Woolly Mammoth took 70% of the votes! A total of 20 people voted! So if you voted comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes to 1,000 Crowns Codes. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, April 22, 2012

F2D Good News and Bad News

Hey guys! 

Bad News:

If you haven't noticed or have heard the F2D Segment is off of Spiral Live until further notice. You guys will know why is the next coming weeks! So since we (Myself and Destiny) will not be narrating F2D

Good News:

We will post it here. 

Why don't we post it on the site?

Because Nick makes it right, as if me and Destiny did it it would look weird. And Nick has been working on our book trailer and that is our top priority on the F2D Team.

I believe on the site we've only had the first two chapters uploaded. So if you still haven't read them, read it here! (After you read the first two chapter come back here)

If you have read / listened to the first two chapters here is chapter 3.

"Destiny started to glow as her usual Dragonrider's vigilant armor formed on her. She looked out her window and saw all of the former buckets of ice turn into fearsome Colossi, Wyverns, and Woolly Mammoths, who charged at the palace. Watching from her window, Destiny saw a dark Doom and Gloom while Justin prepared his army. The ground started to shake and the sky rumbled as Dark Fairies and Skeletal Dragons immerged from the dark skies. Ghouls, Vampires, Banshees, and Skeletal Pirates rose up from the ground. His army was easily bigger then Destiny’s. Now at the top of the palace on his Bone Dragon shouting orders, Justin raised his sword. Doom and Gloom disappeared. Destiny waved her staff around and chants “Thaumaturge, Thaumaturge, Thaumaturge” and sent out a powerful ice flare, declaring war. Destiny’s army immediately charged at Justin’s and full out war broke out, to the point that both wizards were flinching. The two sides clashed with equal pride and strength, icy winds flecked with chills of death surrounded the battle.
Destiny looked around and spotted in her closet a coiled up Arctic Snake, she picked up the snake and said, “You know this is all your fault” and chuckled. Destiny was back to her rich and greedy ways. She looked in the mirror and saw herself with her prisoner robes on again, shockingly. Destiny said to herself “This isn’t me” and closed her eyes. “You're right, that isn’t you” Justin commented. Destiny opens her eyes in shock. “You're going to lose this war, just to tell you… why waste the time?” Destiny rolled her eyes and snapped her fingers, nothing.  “How do you do that?” Destiny asked. Justin shook his head in disappointment. She grumbled something under her breath.

                "Just because you're my cousin, doesn't mean I'll have any mercy." Destiny hissed, her eyes staring straight into Justin's, fearless as always. "And just because I was once a queen doesn't mean I was uneducated. Kryos Serpensys Aspidos!" Destiny yelled as a blue shield began circling her. Destiny had been waiting so long, been keeping her magical energy contained, just so this very shield could protect her for the duration of a week or so, mind that she didn't get too bloodied up.

                "You honestly think that a shield will deter me? You have forgotten the one loophole." Justin snickered. Destiny growled, standing her ground. Outside, she heard the roar of a Skeletal Dragon, and then a smaller roar.
Through a window came Destiny's trusty Royal Dragon, Ginger. She spat ice. Destiny stared at Justin, a little embarrassed.
"Ginger...ehm.....Sic!" Justin only clicked his tongue.
"Destiny, you still have a lot to learn." He raised his hand, a blue glow emanating from it. Destiny clenched her teeth as her energy was slowly, painfully drained. Seeing Justin being empowered, Destiny inhaled one breath, just as her eyes glowed an icy cyan, as well as her fingertips.
Destiny saw herself in somewhere very icy. At peace, she began to walk around. Circling a large pillar, Destiny saw a tall Frost Giant, idling.
"Scuse me," Destiny shouted so the Giant could hear her.
"And who are you?" The Giant bellowed.
"Queen Destiny Soultamer, of Grizzleheim!" Destiny yelled proudly.
"Cousin of Justin Shadowblade?" The giant stroked his chin.
"That isn't my point. Am I dead?" Destiny asked. This was something she really needed to know.
"Honestly, I thought you knew why you were here. To summon a fellow Giant to take down your cousin." Destiny's eyes glimmered.
"That's actually a good idea.." Destiny sighed. "What have I done to myself?" She sat down in the snow, cupping her chin in her hands.
"You do you say it....let go? “The Giant said.  "Valiance may start with armor, as you may have thought”, summoning Destiny's Dragonrider's Vigilant Armor. It fell onto the snow. Destiny put on her helmet and listened.
"But valiance is the courage you've put against your adversary." Destiny stood up, her face more courageous....and less.....queen-like. Her face fell at the thought. She actually laughed.
"So, CAN I summon a Frost Giant?" Destiny asked. She felt like a student.
"You should know how to rise one up by instinct." The Frost Giant winked, and disappeared in a shower of snowflakes.
Opening her eyes, Destiny saw Justin back in his throne. Waiting.
"Where've you been this past half hour?" He growled."

Hope you liked it and send us your feed back in the comments.

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, April 19, 2012

TPR Trailer Filming!

Hey guys! I have some great new, the F2D Team has started filming the TPR Trailer! Will have more progress and updates later!

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes #2

The first poll prizes have been sent out. So for the second question it was...

Does Avalon live up to the hype?

The Results:

 Yes! - 8 (42%)

Kinda. It's cool. -  2 (10%)

Yes! I already beat it, when is Mirage coming out? - 1 (5%)

Not at all! - 2 (10%)

IDK, Still beating lions in Zafaria or killing sharks in Celestia. - 6 (31%)

As you can see Yes! took 42% of the votes! A total of 19 people voted! So if you voted  comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes to 1,000 Crowns Codes. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

P.S New poll is up!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Thoughts on the Level 78 Pets

Hey guys, long week for me! This week has been absolutely crazy! Avalon came out, I had a Lip-Sync Competition I had to do with Club Live and practice all week so I had no time to post. Now most of you now the level 78 pets. Well I have thoughts on each and every one of these! Lets start with Myth:

Myth: Basilisk
The Basilisk pet is so cool looking! I love how it exactly resembles the actual thing. Everything on this pet is great! So far we don't know if it gives any cool talents, like "May Cast" though. Very impressed with this first one.
Change: No

Death: Bone Dragon
As a Death Wizard I am very disappointed with this one. Technically this is not THE Bone Dragon on the card. This Bone Dragon is the mount which I really didn't like. This pet so far doesn't give any good talents, like "May Cast".  Unhappy with this one.
Change: Dr. Von's Monster

Life: Gnome
 Now this pet is cool! This pet has so much detail on the hat, knee's, shirt and so much more. The eyes are glowing a cool green and the facial expression really makes a Life Wizard a threat. So far we don't know if it gives any cool talents, like "May Cast" though. Very pleased with this one!
Change: No

Balance: Chimera
I don't know about Balance. I kind of like it but at the same time I think it could be a little bigger. So far we don't know if it gives any cool talents, like "May Cast" though. Ra would be cool.
Change: Ra

Speaking of size with the Chimera, the Triton is WAY to small! I thought the Triton would be awesome, always had it in my head. The Triton should be as big as the Ghoul if it were to stand up straight, maybe a little more with the tail. This pet so far doesn't give any good talents, like "May Cast". But this pet does encourage to use the mighty power of Triton more often
Change: Leviathan, or, Storm Snake just to see that one at 10,000 Damage.

Ice: Wooly Mammoth 
Do you honestly think I could hate this one!?! This pet is so cool! The size is perfect and the Ice symbol is sweet, I've heard the school you hatch it with the school symbol will change! So far we don't know if it gives any cool talents, like "May Cast" though.
Change: No

Fire: Efreet 
The Efreet pet is kinda like the Chimera. I really don't know if I like it. The sword is absolutely to big and so far we don't know if it gives any cool talents, like "May Cast". A better pet would be a Fire Dragon. If the Fire Dragon was put in it would have to fly when walking and on the ground when stopped.
Change: Fire Dragon

Thats all I got and tell me what you think about my comments, in the comments or by email (

~Keep It Dead
(Sorry Kelsey, forgot to ask! But if you want me to use different ones just say so in the comments. All picture are from Kelsey Fireheart's awesome blog, so go check it out here!)

Friday, April 13, 2012

Morganthe - An Ice Wizard?

I've heard allot of people think that Morganthe is an Ice Wizard. I honestly think she is! In the Zafaria video she froze all those people. And when talking with Merle, GAMMA, and Morganthe...GAMMA said she hit him with a Woolly Mammoth. What do you think? Email me at

Also today is the last day I am accepting comments to receive your prize, here.

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

New Monday Poll and Overshadowed

Well with Avalon out many blogs have been posting like this:


And allot of AVALON!!!!!1111111111111!!!!!!!! Its really funny when you see the 1's. Well I did post about it earlier this morning with the completed puzzle as Breaking News but not the 20-30 !'s. 

Well in other news if you voted on the poll go claim your prize by commenting on this post. This post was overshadowed by the hype of Avalon and that happens to be the new poll question.

Does Avalon live up to the hype?

Answer and next Monday claim your rightful prize.

Also I got a new headset with mic so if you chat with me on Skype you will not hear my mic constantly moving. Also I have gotten at least 15 emails asking if I will try-out for the Spiral Live position to fill in for Blaze. Just so you know...I will.So wish me luck as ALWAYS!,

~Keep It Dead

Monday, April 9, 2012

Breaking News - Avalon!

Just from The Friendly Necromancer. The finished puzzle. As many thought it was Avalon...well it is!

More information coming when it is in Test Realm and later this afternoon.

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Poll Results - Prizes

For my first poll I am very impressed. The question was...

What world do you want in the puzzle?

The Results:

Avalon - 23 Votes (65%)

Weirwood - 2 Votes (5%)

Polaris - 2 Votes (5%)

Candyland - 1 Votes (2%)

I dont know, just something new - 7 Votes (20%)

 As you can see Avalon took 65% of the votes! A total of 35 people voted! So if you voted  comment on this post with your email and what you voted for. And I will give you a special code. The codes range from normal KIFG Codes to 1,000 Crowns Codes. So comment away.

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, April 5, 2012

JADE Graduation

Well I bring you sad news. JADE Academy is shutting down like most academies have already did. I actually think JADE was the last standing academy. The main reason for JADE's shutting down is that WBE (Wizardly Board of Education) fell apart. The president quit. The rest of the board fought for Presidency. As that was going on tiny sectors of people didn't want to be amongst the drama and left WBE. 

After a leader was decided there was only 13/54 people left of WBE.

So this Saturday at 3pm PST JADE Academy will have its graduation ceremony. 42 students out of 59 will graduate and receive a KI Free Games Code from, you guessed it, SusanSofaShocker. Hope to see you there and I will personally give away a special treat.

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Spiral Live This Week and More

Image DetailAfter a break Spiral Live WILL be live this Saturday. As you can see to the left is the new and improved Spiral Live Studio!

As you can see to the right the poll is going very well. Remember however many vote I get I will post that many KI Free Game Codes. So, so far I will have to post 11 Codes on Monday. 

Also this has to be another record, so far this month (4 Days!) I have gotten exactly 399 views! Thats like 99 views a day! And as you might see I have currently have 6927 views so close to 7000! Thanks everybody and keep an eye on Facebook for a possible party in June for my Blog-o-adversary! And as always!,

~Keep It Dead

Monday, April 2, 2012

6 New Things! And It Was A Joke!

Yea, it was all a big joke. Hope I didn't scare to many of you but if you do recall my New Years Resolution was to pull my personal longest April Fools Joke! 

Old Record: 1 day

New Record: 2 days

Now for the great things that have happened to this blog if you don't want to search all over :

  1. The biggest is that the header up there is my permanent header
  2. That means the Past Blog Headers Archives is now closed.
  3. Do you see the new layout, background and favicon? I think it's pretty slick.
  4. The F2D Site will be updated EVERY Sunday.
  5. I will also start having a weekly poll just to have fun on Mondays. (How ever many people vote I will post that many KI Free Game Codes)
  6. Minecraft has it own tab called The Grizzly Griefer! I will post an update every Friday.  
And with all these new updates,

~Keep Mining!

I mean,

~Keep It Dead 

The Good Ole Days

Image DetailWell yesterday in MC me and Nick did an adventure map and turned it into a "Search And Kill" game. Naturally we had to play in Bikini Bottom map! :D

Nick set up base in Spongebob's House and I set up base in the Hospital. I dug down and made a cave (nicely lighten), I got so far out Nick couldnt find me. But I forgot to crouch down so Nick couldnt see my name underground.

When Nick saw my name he flooded the area I was in with TNT and exploded it on command.

Then it was an epic battle underwater for 5 second when Nicks Diamond sword killed me. :/ Oh well, it was REALLY FUN. After we had a couple of laughs I showed him my (some in tact) tunnel. Nick was actually proud on how far I got digging. Will post more tomorrow, for now.

~Keep Mining

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Bye Wizard101! Hello Minecraft!

After careful consideration and nothing new in Wizard101 I have decided to stop playing and blogging about in a whole. Fret not, I have for you a new blog. As you can see by the new banner this blog is now called The Grizzly Griefer. 

So if you don't know what a Griefer is in Minecraft, its a person that destroys building, home, trees, etc. Which I have come to love in the past 24 hours. 

And Grizzly because my guys name is Grizzly331, 331 = 3/31 = the day I got Minecraft, yesterday.

So have a great day, and if you have Spring Break like me have a great one too!

~Keep Mining!