Saturday, June 30, 2012

Spiral Live: Pirate101 - No Go :(

Sorry guys. All of Livestream had a hiccup and we couldn't go live. So myself and Nick are making arrangements to figure out when Spiral Live: Pirate101 will official go live.

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Announcing Spiral Live: Pirate101

This Saturday myself and Nicholas Lionrider will broadcast for the first time, Spiral Live: Pirate101. We are in the process of totally revamping our site and livestream pages. Next Saturday is Spiral Live: Wizard101 and Spiral Live After Hours. If you are still confused please feel free to drop us an email at Click here!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Prize Winners From Party

LotS Attending Members Raffle - Prize: Mega Snack Pack
To enter, all you have to do is boost this party's rating and click the "I am Attending" button. I will put the Attending Members names in!
Winner: fredmoonsong - Pending

Scavenger Game - Prize: 10$ Prepaid Giftcard
I will hold a Scavenger Hunt game in Nicholas Lionrider's Sun Palace and the winner will receive a Scavenger Hunt Game of their own!
Winner: Talon Talon - Prize Given

Random Person Contest - Prize: Cresent Axe of the Astrals
 Yea you know the staff, the one with the moon damage card. So basically LilCat will close her eyes and will click on someone's wizard name, add them, and gift them the Axe.
Winner: Jason Soulhunter - Prize Given

Random Person Contest: - Prize: 1 of each Hoard Pack
I will giveaway 1 Dragons, Wyverns, Ravens, Kirins, Hydras and Ninja's Lore Hoard Pack to one random person attending the party. 
Kieran Mythblade - Prize Given

DeathyWiz Fanart Contest - Prize: 10$ Prepaid Giftcard
Probably one of the easiest contest because I have no art talent so great artwork is like macaroni art. So all you have to do is redraw my banner (no color needed) and Marcus and I will pick our favorite and that person will win! Send in your entries to with your picture and subject line: Contest 1.
Winner: Pending - Contest Ends June 30th

Email Contest: -  Prize: 1 Auroch Mount 
Super easy! Email: I want an Auroch Mount! to with subject line: Contest 2 to win.
Winner: Pending - Contest Ends June 30th

So those are the winners so far! And if you haven't won, you can still enter two great contests! Party review coming Thursday!

~Keep It Dead

Monday, June 25, 2012

New Bundle - The Pagoda Gauntlet

A new bundle is said to have arrived on Target shelf's! This bundle is extremely different with having a dungeon instead of the usual house. The mount in this bundle is the Run Run Rikshaw with said to have a sheep pulling you along the Spiral. Also a Shaolin Monkey pet (53 pedigree) and Sohei Gear. As you can tell by the picture the boy wizard is holding a new bow called the Hankyu Bow! The gauntlet might be the Mooshu styled building in the background but I am not for sure. More information on the bundle on Facebook, Twitter,, and right here on!

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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Come On Out To The Party And Spiral Live

The party will start in 5 minutes, so come out now. And Spiral Live also starts in 5 minutes so come out for the prizes there here!

For My Readers - 50 KI Free Games Codes

Hey readers! You guys are so awesome that me and my friends went on KI Free Games and farmed for at least an hour for 50 KI Free Games Codes. So please only take one. The codes range from low Codes, to high Codes, and to 1,000 Crowns Codes. 

It's The BIG Day

The party is today! Start coming out at:

5:30PM Pacific

6:30PM Mountain

7:30PM Central

8:30PM Eastern. 

Also at the last minute my friend Lisa gave me a 10$ Giftcard because she...quit :(. To win this Giftcard tune into Spiral Live tonight at 5:30PM Pacific! Click here! And if you still want to enter any of the contests, click on the "Blogadversary Party Details and Contests" tab above and,

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Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whats Been Going On

Hey guys! Well this is a post just to tell you guys whats been going on where I am.

First off, I won tickets for me and my family to go to California's Great America from our local News Station. So that should be fun. I have no idea when we'll go go but I'll be sure to take pictures of the park.........FROM MY NEW IPHONE! Yea, after a little bit off time, my family is moving up. My mom gets the the new 4S and my older brother gets the one under that, and I get the one under that :D! And my dad likes his standard Blackberry.

Also speaking of my dad. The last 3 days I have been going fishing with him. We caught a small Bass today and we put him in our big downstairs tank. Fishing isn't really my thing I do so it was kinda cool to do something different. And for Father's Day I got him a Fishing License (He's been wanting one for a while), and my brother got him a fishing pole, and even one for me!

And speaking of my brother, he's going to college this summer! So he'll be attending Howard University in DC and my whole family gets to go! I'll also take pictures there and make that into a post. 

In Wizard101 news, I got my Balance alt (Justin Sandshard) to New Gate Prison. I kinda hit a wall, the "Why am I doing all of these side quest" Wall. So maybe on Friday I'll finish those and head on to Big Ben. Also the Grande Party will be on Saturday. If you don't know what I'm talking about, click here. On that day Spiral Live will start broadcasting to the Spiral again from the party. So if you have some time, pop in and be part of the fun and contests. So hopefully 5 - 10 people show up so we can do PVP and maybe some tag games, or even just talk.

And me and Nick are working on a secret project *hint hint* P101 Podcast *hint hint*. Names are still being floated around so nothing is official yet.

So thats pretty much it! And if you forgot, always, ALWAYS!,

~Keep It Dead

Monday, June 11, 2012

Spiral Live Website Is Up!

Click here for the new website! Don't forget to follow!

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Sunday, June 10, 2012

BEHOLD - The Return of Frozen to Death!

Image Detail
Hey guys! The F2D Staff really wants to apologize for the lack of F2D posting on both Destiny’s and Justin’s Blog, the official website and on Spiral Live. Sadly the Spiral Live segment will no long broadcast because of complicated reasons within our personal life. But hey, we have a LOT of F2D for you! (P.S. The grammar wont be as good, this section was meant for podcasting) So this summer we hope TPR will be finished and up for reading. As of now, the F2D Trilogy gears are working! Here is where we left off. If you want to know what happened before, read this post. CLICK ME! And if you want to start from the beginning, CLICK ME!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Spread the Word!

Hey guys, well great blogger and friend Autumn Dreamwalker is back to blogging! So Autumn is giving away a couple of prizes, but there's a catch. See wants to reach 100 followers (Big milestone)! She only needs 5 more as of 11am PST! So go over here blog and follow! Click here!

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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Was It Really That Hard?

So for my "Easy" Contest I got 24 emails with all the wrong answer! Everybody said, 1 or 1,000. Here are the answers...

A movie - 10,000BC (Rated: PG-13)
1 E+4 - Yahoo! Search - 10,000
864,000,000 seconds - Yahoo! Search - Top Search: 10000 (number) - Wikipedia

So, I guess the Movie threw people off? But if you entered I'm still gonna but you in the generator. But since no one got it right, I'm gonna lower the prize to a Skeletal Knight or Death Leprechaun, I'll let you choose. The winner will be announced later today, maybe right before Ravenwood Radio. 

~Keep It Dead

Monday, June 4, 2012

Easy Contest

Very easy contest, tell me what these mean:

A movie
1 E+4
864,000,000 seconds

And you'll win a new Hallowed Knight or Red Cap, you choose. Enter through emailing me at or comment here and I will randomize the entries and get the winner then! Contest ends at 8:00PM PST.

Good Luck

~Keep It Dead

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Come On Out For Spiral Live - NOW!

Come on out and listen to Spiral Live episode 20 for a spectacular milestone. We will have great contests, news, and questions from viewers! 

If you have a question leave it here in the comments or email it to for a chance to win one of our prizes! 

~Keep It Dead

What's Been Going On

Hey guys! Got some updates, here we go! (In a rush? Just read the bolded and click the links)

Well Spiral Live is tomorrow! It's been along time since we got behind the mic and make Spiral Live's 20th episode. Be sure to tune in at 5:30PM PST for a big announcement, a contest, and possibly a fun after party here! And we will continue Spiral Live on our usual show dates. So after tomorrows show (6/2/12) episode 21 will be 6/16/12. 

Now since my Death main is maxed out and is only really Pet Ranking I have continued Justin Sandshard, my Balance alt. I have to admit Balance is pretty fun, and very fun with going from hit and heal to hit find Pixie. So thats different.Currently I'm in the Krokospinx and got some help from my great friend Talon! Justin has a Piggle that gives him Balance Blade Card worth 30% as a pet.

The F2D Trilogy has gotten allot of dust on it! Particularly the TPR novel with only 25% completion. Myself and Destiny are trying to get started and will have a Collaboration Day on Sunday for TPR. And hopefully post some F2D on our sites and get that all out and put on the site.

Speaking of Destiny go to her blog and vote on her poll to decide a nice name for her blog here. I voted for Destiny's Travels but you pick what you think is a good fit.

Also my favorite dogs in the whole world, Becca and Linclon are coming over today so I might not post maybe until Monday or when they leave on Wednesday. And next week I will be on vacation so I wont post then but I'll tell you the exact dates when it gets closer to the date. And I will defiantly post more about my Blogoadversary soon! Lots of prizes, I have won and bought with my own money. So, long post but informational,

~Keep It Dead