Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Record Month!

Hey guys, quick post here just tell you that I have received this month 2,235 beating my previous record of 1,82f from March! Thanks allot and don't forget to check out our small contest over at KU! And keep checking for updates here on DeathyWiz.com!

~Keep It Dead

Update! PVP, KU, TPR, and Blaze!

Hey guys! It's been hard for me to post now even with PVP and pet training. PVP has gotten irritating and Pet Training takes to long for people to join the match. Recently I have been farming for Evil Magma Peas! As of now I have 2 with on in the ground. I think I might just do that instead of constant PVP.
Now on to KU and the F2D Trilogy. First off KU is at about 41 members, which is pretty good since we really haven't been doing much besides prepping it. On Sunday we had our Monthly Skye Meeting, and I must say. We covered allot. That meeting was about 30 minutes and once that was done, most of us stayed in the call for 4 Hours! 

Our staff is almost full we just need 3 more to get a solid 25! All we need are an Editor, and 2  Event Staff Members (Party and Contest Planners).

As for TPR. 
We have been brainstorming allot! We might have to go back and change our plot a little but it's for the best!  As of now 2 deaths are planned and a possible resurrection may come for one of our community members who has recently come back (Blaze)!

Yes my friend Blaze Shadowhorn is back and better than ever! Blaze is officially back to the W101 and possibly P101 community. Currently Blaze is an administrator for KU and has done a magnificent job. Hope to see more of his great work.

And that wraps up this hopefully informative post!

~Keep It Dead

Friday, July 27, 2012

PVP Status: Private

Private | 515
13 Won - 20 Lost

Yea, still a private! I think I might have did a least 15 PVP Battles winning about 10. My strategy is kinda different each time. Sometimes I like to use Vampie, Poison, Skeletal Pirate, Wraith. And other times I like to use Skeletal Dragon, Von, and Poison. Poison has been really helpful in the sense that Tower Shield users stand no chance, unless of course they have more than 4 shields. Thats also what I love about Poison, its costs me only 2 Power Pips.

Speaking of Tower Shields, I faces an opponent that must have put about 20 shields up. That battle I surprising won. I also did about 3 2v2's. I did two with Ria (both lost o_o), and one with Tyler (WON! :D). So 2v2 is not my thing, just to much deck changing. 

Saturday is Pet Training and Racing, also farming for Evil Magma Peas.

~Keep It Dead

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

PVP? Challenge Accepted!

After my last "Have To Post" post I debated over the comments and emails I got. So, since I would hate to waste my 3+ months remaining of my 1 year subscription I will PVP, Garden, Pet Race, and, and, sigh, Craft. So wish me luck! :D

~Keep It Dead

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Wizard101 Blog and Archmage Wizard? DONT WORK! Part 1

Hey guys! Wow! Crazy, this is my most viewed month so far, gathering 1,800+ views. I know I haven't been posting but I am grateful you guys still comeback to check out the blog. My problem is, having a Wizard101 Blog and a wizard having beat the game, do not work!

Reasons, point blank. If your an Archmage you cant quest! Cant quest? Cant post. But I find ways around it. Like......posting about Batman!!! 

Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Pyromancer's Revenge Teaser


Coming soon....

Credit of this Teaser poster goes to my Co-writer and Founder of Kingsisle Universe, Ria Drake. 

~Keep It Dead

Whats So Great About Legends of the Spiral?

Well, today is officially Legends of the Spiral's Birthday. 

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Kingsisle Universe Needing Assistance

Hey guys. Kingsisle Universe is approaching completion (slowly and painfully) but we still have lots of tedious work to get done. Ria and I are still the only 2 founder. But, when KU is released we will defiantly need a Staff. Currently the staff consists of: 

Myself and Victoria Drake (Founders)

The Drakeflame and Connor Mistblade (Wizard101 Insider Moderators)

Destiny Soultamer (General Staff Member)

So obviously we need allot more staff. Here is what we need:

Forum Makers (1 - 2)
Wizard101 Insider Moderators (3)
Pirate101 Voyager Moderators (5)
General Editors (1 - 2)
Graphic Designers (2)
General Staff (4)

The ones we really need now are the Forum Makers. The Forum Makers are also the most important as of now and we really need this person dedicated, so we do have requirements:

Forum Maker Requirements:
*Knows a very good bit of HTML coding
*Able to make us a custom template
*Can help us when the forum goes live
*Knows how to work a forum using vbulletin (We'll provide)
Plus to be a forum designer, we would like to see work.

If you want to join please submit the following form to kingsisleuniverse@gmail.com

Subject: Assistance (Type position you would like) 

Wizard Name:  
(To Give Credit)
Form of most convenient contact:

Occasionally Myself and Ria will dip into the site's budget and may just "give our thanks" to our staff by, a couple crowns, or Hoards, or KIFG Codes. Really anything. So, just keep that in mind :)

That wraps up this, hopefully informative, post and until next time....

~Keep It Dead

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Animated Battle With Malistaire Continues!

Thanks to Nicholas Lionrider I just watched the new Animated Battle with Malistaire. In this video, the supposedly Ice wizard is (what we think) is Fire. Since the Myth Wizard uses a Storm Lord and the card is gold, like a treasure card.

Nick thinks the next one might be a Orthurus or Helephant.

Anyways here it is!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How's It's Gonna Work

Hey guys! For once in my blogging career I am backed up on posts! That Majestic Bundle post really threw me off. Now I have like 2 posts ready to be published. What a great feeling :D.

Tomorrow I'm going to ComicCon hosted by Geek&Sundry and AMD to play Pirate101 in Alpha. I might also look at some Halo stuff and maybe meet the cast of the Big Bang Theory since it's an 8 hour drive. And 16 hours in whole!

Anyways the real reason for this post was to inform you about TPR. Since we are under new management with Victoria Drake over at Kingsisle Universe (KIU). Writing has been dim since we are working on pushing KIU out of beta and filming the book trailer. 

Today we are shooting a couple of scenes including the battle scene ;)

The plot has totally been flipped with a major turn of events (Like a death)! And the third and last book of the F2D Trilogy, Cursed For Life (C4L) will be released early 2013 and TPR will be released later this year.

So myself and F2D Staff have great things in store for you!

~Keep It Dead

Monday, July 9, 2012

Majestic Bundle - Breaking News!

Members in community were invited to a new bundle house costing 40$ at Gamestop called Tower of the Winter Winds. This is an Avalon themed house, the house also has a secret room and a PVP arena. There is a feast table to claim gifts like the Genie and the Ape called Horn of Plenty (Thanksgiving Horn). Also with this bundle comes with a Caliburn tapestry and a Magic Mirror to take you to various places in the massive house. 

Here are the major items in the Bundle:

Tower of Winter Winds
Malorian Dragon (Arthurian Dragon Mount)
Strange Beast Pet
Silver Lance of Daybreak
True Silver Armor
1 month or 5000 crowns

Here is a picture of the two person mount:

And here are some pictures of the house and inside taken by my friend Victoria Drake over at Kingsisle Universe:

There I saw, Kelsey Fireheart, Marissa Petal, Bailey Skystaff, Jordan Sunflame and friend-ed Swordroll!

More coming later today!

~Keep It Dead

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Friday, July 6, 2012

Welcome Back Insider & Kingsisle Universe

Yes! Wizard101 Insider is back up! With help of Ria, myself, Nick and Avery our effort have put up Insider to it's full glory. Along with W101 Insider we have released Kingsisle Universe! Kingsisle Universe (KIU) is everything Kingsisle, like Wizard101, Pirate101, Alien101 and Elderly101. Oops, those last two are inside jokes :P. Anyways, KUI is still in the works but we are working hard!

Hope to see you on there!

~Keep It Dead

Monday, July 2, 2012

The Future Of F2D

Well as some of you may know, Destiny threw a hissy fit and quit the F2D Project, and cut all ties with myself and Nick! Now, F2D is my longest running project and I plan to keep it going. But writing a whole book or two by myself might be a little hard, so I will be getting help. Friend from Spiral Live: After Hours, Victoria (Ria) Drake! Ria is a great editor and writer and has already been forming ideas. So after all, F2D will strive without Destiny, and best wishes to her.

~Keep It Dead