Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Ding 50! The Pirate101 Checklist & Nightmare Bundle Winner

Hey guys! So I hope you guys enjoyed the Nightmare Bundle. And stay tuned for the winner of our little raffle at the end of this post.

Last night (January 1, 2013) I dinged level 50 in Pirate101! Currently in the Pirate101 storyline I'm getting some horn to transform Dragon Prince from a Ki-Rin back to his royal dragon-y prince self. So after I finish questing I have allot of stuff to do, here is my check list:
  • Get to Nautical Level 50 (Current: 36)
  • Farm for: Gold = Companion Training Points = Raise Companions to level 50
  • Farm for: Armadillo Verde pet
  • Start practice PVP
So these posts will come out every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks. 

Now for the responses from my previous I only picked 10 of the 26 entries so here they are!:

Lord Darkwing: It would be interesting and i would like to see the house if it existed xD
The mount could use some more originality from the bat spells, and the gear should be something more like a wraiths gear with a cresent scythe.
Thanks for this contest, Lord Darkwing

Wolf: Nick could have done a better job on the letter and on the character. And if it was real KI would've put the second person on the mount. And anyway the person's face looked weird. Although I like how you did the Vampire hair on the guy. Thanks for the contest!

D.S. Devereaux: Overall, I thought that the bundle could have been quite convincing if it weren't for the spelling errors. You know me, I always notice 'em. However, I liked the background being the Darkmoor concept and the general idea of a bloodbat mount. However, as Avery Zales said, there should have been another person on the mount. However, I think that the wizard was proportional enough that it could convince me. Given the amount of time Nicholas had to make the card, I think it was very well done. Happy New Year, both of you - YARR!
Destiny Devereaux
Dead-eyed Soultamer

Tatiana shadowflame: Nice job with this one. lol. Nick is quite talented. I think its funny that this is the second time you have fooled everyone, and it looks and sounds so real you have people googling for it. As a side note, I would love to have the bat for a mount. Cute. :)

Alex WinterShard: Well I gotta admit It looked pretty believable. Except the spelling error :P. I thought it was real until I saw other people commenting on it lol. Well anyways if this bundle came out I would totally be looking out to get it. 
Also Thanks for hosting this 

~Alex WinterShard 

Level 69

Austin Moon: I thought it was hilarious! Even though its fake, i think it was a great idea. I also think it was good for the community to have a laugh, in the past couple months there has been to much drama and people that make other laugh and happy will calm everyone down. Other then the people that have a spaz attack over fake thinks like this. I think the creator could of learned how to spell to, or maybe he was trying to say "THIS IS FAKE". I really enjoyed this and if it ever did go out for sale, i'd wish to buy it.

Austin Moon

Sarai Griffinsong: I love it! I hope KI borrows some of these ideas for a new bundle around Halloween next year! I hope to see more and hopefully he has the time he wants to put in all the details he has dreamed up. :)

Swordroll: I do believe you were called out on one of these previously. My recommendation: If you do hoaxes, let me us know in the same post. E.g. the fake the Nightmare Bundle which you are leading many to believe is real. 

Avery Zales: I can tell that there are a few reasons that this is a fake bundle. You see, there are two typos in the description bullet points that ki would catch here, like "lagoony" when the correct spelling is "lagooney", and "vampie" when the spelling is "vampire". See, there is also a concept piece in the background which I don't think would be on a gift card. Also, if the card is not in stores yet, there would be the outline of the perforated part of the card, where you have it as a black space. Then, the wizard in gear isn't proportional to a wizard, and isn't a wizard at all. After that, if the mount is meant for two people, then it would have two people on the card. Also, there is no record of any bundle coming on the best buy site, and there are no google results besides this one. I just wanted to point this out, so you would know that this bundle isn't real.

Adriana Wildheart: BEST ONE YET! Loved it!

Thanks for all the comments, all of them have been delivered to Nicholas Lionrider! Now all the entries were great but it was all up to, sooooo. Congratulations Wolf! I'll be send your Dino Bundle code tonight. So come back here next week for Part 1 of my Pirate101 Checklist! And always!, 

~Keep It Dead 

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