Wednesday, January 9, 2013

The Pirate101 CheckList (Part 1) - Nautical Leveling

Hello all! Hope your Winter Break is going well, I returned to school yesterday so posts from now on will be scheduled. But lets get started. This post is the first of my "Pirate101 Checklist".
D.S. Devereaux has a great sling of posts on he blog name: "Sink or Slash: Skyway Schematics 10_" Go read them! Here (101), here (102), here (102 p2), and here (103)! Don't know what this means? Well Sink is: Ship to Ship, fire up the cannons and blow ships out of the skies! Slash: Put down the anchor and fight hand to hand (or gun to hand etc).

Personally I like to Sink all the ships in my way! Last Friday I did a little bit of Nautical leveling with Talkin' the Plank's host on his character Tatiana. I also helped his other pirate with Del Monte ships in Monquista but they only gave me 1 NXP (NXP: Nautical Experience). That night I reached NL (NL: Nautical Level) 42. 

For me to have an absolute beast of a ship I needed to get to NL 44 to equip the ship gear I bought in the crowns shop worth over 10,000 crowns. My ship is a Royal Navy Galleon/Marleybonian ship bought with gold in Hamamitsu Garden for about 50,000 gold. So that night I found a large NXP Party set out on blowing the Jade Fleet out of the sky! The party gladly accepted me along with them and I got to NL 44 and I went to sleep that night at 2:30am PST knowing that my ship went from this:

To this:

On Sunday afternoon myself, Jack Dawnsong (Golden Jack), and Paige Moonshade (Perilous Paige) all went out behind the Icy Docks - near Raven Island and grinded out 2 full levels! Currently my NL is...........46. Here's a picture of us on our way.
Paige in the front and Jack in the back. Me in the middle. :P

Now, before we set out. In Avery's Court  Jack told me to drive safe. Near Port Regal I get caught in a battle with some sharks, quick battle, no big deal. But when I go through the Mooshu Stormgate. I crash. YES! A very big glitch, I crash into Hamamitsu Garden, don't believe me? Just look:

Its was pretty scary. Eventually I ported to Paige's ship and we made our way to the Jade Fleet.

So that wraps up this post. As you can tell, my goal is to get to NL 50. Not by this post, by the end of my "Pirate101 Check List" series. So next week, and the week after that will have posts on Wednesday for the Pirate101 Check List. And then on the 30th this series will have an update on my Pirate and hopefully he'll have moderate gold, NL 50, +45 Leveled Companions, etc. Cya next week and remember,

~Keep It Dead