Wednesday, January 16, 2013

The Pirate101 CheckList (Part 2) - Farming Gold

Ahoy land lubbers! And welcome to the second part of my Pirate101 Checklist! And now lets get started, this post is about my favorite farming spots and how much gold I earned from this 2 day gold income.

Pirate101 gold is a necessity to all pirates, but how do you rack up enough so you can max out your companions, or buy new gear? Farm, or grind for gold. Now that I'm level 50 and am a yearly P101 Subscriber, I have access everywhere! So who do I like to farm? Here they are:
  • Friar Sand  
Friar Sand is said to drop the best level 45 gear (outside of the crowns shop) and usually each time I go in for these short 5 minutes battle, I pick up around 1,000 - 2,000 gold. Personally now I don't run Friar Sand for gear, because I went the easy way and bought all of my gear through crowns. But I did pick up a medallion. Yes, I was able to swipe Friar Sand's Medallion, it gives me +53 health, +6 Dodge, and Seaver Shanty. Seaver Shanty is like an extra minion, kinda what Old Scratch has, but this minion is a Lagooney. I'm pretty sure everyone's medallion minion comes with a different name and my set name seems to be always, Blaine.
Location: Subata Skyway - Verdant Dock - Temple of the East Wind - Northern Landing
  • Thunderhead
All the way back in Cool Ranch on Isla de los Muertos is a little cave where you can find a Bison chief named Thunderhead. Around 500 health, Thunderhead can out up a fight for level 35's and below. Thunderhead is said to drop the Armadillo pet but as of now, that is just speculation. Each fight Thunderhead usually coughs up about 500 - 1,000 gold.
Location: Santa Pollo Skyway - Isla de los Muertos - Caves of Echoes
  • Johnny Ringo
Proven by Kingsisle Officials, Johnny Ringo does indeed drop the Armadillo Verde pet and now also drops tons of housing items! Although my house looks like a yard sale, it has allot of stuff. I do often sell some of my housing items if I get doubles but for maxed out pirates, he's an easy fight, moderate gold, housing items, and a chance of getting a sweet pet!
Location: Cooper's Roost Skyway - Cooper's Roost - Clark's House
  • Shan Hong
Remember this concept art?:
Well their real! Here they are in game:
The guy name that drops these is named, Shan Hong, the Necromancer. Great gold and chance at some this SWEET looking weapon. Not currently better than my hook and sword from the Cutthroat Bundle, but if stitching is available, you best believe, those are mine! To unlock Abe Pagoda you must complete the quest "Takeout or Delivery?" and is given by Chef Motomori. Very easy quest, took my about 10 minutes, including the short fight. And I know you what to know where this place is.
Location: Subata Skyway - Subata Temple - Abe Pagoda
Those are my recommendations for great Pirate101 Farming spots. Now for all of you that are level 10 or lower, Fin Dorsal, I just read a little article on the things he drops. Worth. Your. While. With all of the farming I did in a two day span, I gained over 120,000 gold. Reach 60,000 a day and buying companion training points. Now at level 50 companion training points are 5,200 gold. I was able to buy +23 points! That can defiantly raise your companions. And when you get this message:

You know your doing something right. Happy farming to all! My next Pirate101 CheckList will be next week. Until next time!

~Keep It Dead

P.S. I want to give a HUGE thanks Alura RB for making my current  Twitter profile picture:
Original Picture
Thanks Alura, you got everything right, from my flag, to my pet, to my hook, to my soulless eyes (:P JK). I love it! Go check her out here!

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