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The Pirate101 CheckList (Part 3) - What Could The Next World Be?

Hey guys! Welcome back to the Pirate101 Checklist! First, I want to thank you guys for the great response to the Pirate101 Checklist, over 1,000 views each post! And with the great influx in views, I have reached 25,000 views! Thanks! Now for this post. This post will be the second last of my "The Pirate101 Checklist" series. Last post will be next week, a recap. So here we go, possible next steps for Pirate101 regarding worlds.

To understand most comments in this post just click to enlarge and follow the brown lines from world to world.

For awhile I have studied the Marco Pollo map, but just recently it clicked. All my thoughts and dreams in this post just maybe crushed, regarding Aquila. On the map Aquila is cleared pointed out and labeled, so is Krokotopia. As I was reading up on Aquila, it is said to be a fallen civilization, much like Rome. But if Aquila is destroyed and in agony, why would we take our time to go there? Perhaps Aquila is just a skyway, much like the Avernus (Dragonspyre) Skyway.  Although historic facts may be under the rumble of the fallen kingdom, Krokotopia just may be the better way to go. At this time, Krokotopia is not talked about much in game but by facts in Wizard101, Krokotopia is still a striving civilization.
But will this be the next world in my opinion? NO!

After a long discussion with Nicholas Lionrider we both formulated our ideas for the next world, here they are:

Nick: The next world is most likely to be Polaris, for the knowledge I have in game I know that we freed Nepoleguin from Fort Elena to help Gortez with his war. But Gortez needs an army, Nepoleguin has one, in Polaris. 

Nicks stand-point is very good, but he is only a level 23, I'm a level 50. 

Me: The next world in my opinion is Marleybone. Blind Mew himself said on the Official Pirate101 Message Boards: 

"I'm not going to overtly hint about upcoming content, but one thing I can say, though, is that Book 13 is going to be a bit darker that what we've done before, and it's definitely a war story."

War Story. When we go to Port Regal and free Nepoleguin, we start a war against Marleybone and Valencia. More evidence, there are only two ways to get to Polaris. 

Route 1: Skull Island - Dragonspyre - Monquista - Grizzleheim - Wizard City - Polaris 
Two problems with Route 1, way too long and Blind Mew also said this: 

"And yes, Erika the Red draws her name from Erik, and she is indeed from Grizzleheim. Just because she hails from Grizzleheim doesn't necessarily mean the PC will go there - if you know anything about Vikings, you know that they were the ultimate explorers, and ended up in all sorts of unexpected places."

This quote basically rules out Route 1. 

Route 2: Skull Island - MARLEYBONE - Wizard City - Polaris
Marleybone is in this equation. But so is Wizard City, all we know is that Marco Pollo 
and Merle Ambrose were friends, but will Merle aid us to find El Dorado, the place his friend warned him to not send any Wizards to? Most likely not. 

But with the Marco Pollo Map most of us got in the mail is how we get to Mooshu, we don't go: Skull Island - Valencia - Mooshu, nor do we go: Skull Island - Dragonspyre - Mooshu. This realization of "hopping" could possibly lead us to Chapter 13 being in Polaris.

But what would happen next? El Dorado, NO! It can't be that easy, we won't even have the rest of the map pieces. But on the map, if you take a right from Polaris a golden unmarked location (large) is seen, most of us think it is El Dorado indeed. 

With all of our own personal ideas of the next world, for all we know, the next world could just be us on the back of a Cornbread Dragon! Yea, ever think of that?  But who knows?..............J. Todd Coleman knows :P. 

Contest time: Tell me your opinion on what the next world will be! Aquila? Polaris? Krokotopia? Marleybone? Your own world of your likeness???? Send in your answer to with the subject: Aquila? Polaris? Krokotopia? Marleybone? and what you think the next world will be for a chance to win 1 of 2 Tribal Crew Packs! 

Your deadline to enter this contest is Monday, January 28th 2074 2013. Winners will be picked by Good luck! If you would like to read the rest of what Blind Mew had to say click here. And never forget to....

~Keep It Dead

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