Wednesday, January 30, 2013

The Pirate101 CheckList (Part 4) - The Conclusion - Recap

Hey guys! This is it, my final Pirate101 Checklist. I want to say thank you all who really followed these posts. My 3rd post has about 350 views, THANKS! I also want to thank all of you who posted about my little series here on Facebook, your blogs, or your Twitter. So now that all the thank you's are out, lets see how I've been doing in game.
Week 1 - Nautical Leveling
Around that same week, with the help of allot of NXP Parties I reached Nautical Level 50! Finally a Commodore! 

Vice Admiral........hmm. Safe to assume after Commodore in Nautical Level is Admiral?
Week 2 - Farming Gold
Thanks to the persuasion of Autumn Walkers Gold Rush event I went out and farmed Friar Sand for 2 hours straight. In that time, I accumulated 100,000 gold - the current gold limit! Oh did I mention I reached that twice!?!?! I was only able to buy 39 companion training points. About a page and a half of my companions are level 50. Considering I have 3 pages of companions  (I bought all the bundles, and bought about 5 companions from the crowns shop) so this weekend I'll probably farm some more.

As you can obviously tell, no new worlds have been released....yet! Pirate101 did answer a question on twitter commenting with:

"Ahoy! Shapeshifting Ordaz is a known bug that will be fixed in the next major update to the game. Sorry for the confusion."

Although this tells us absolutely nothing, but I hope them talking about the next major update to the game, they are trying to hint to that it's coming soon. Like really soon, ;).

Again thanks to all of you for the major support with my posts and, well, after I get the last few companions to 50, I'm gonna head over to Wizard101 and actually quest and finish Azteca. But hey, you know what you should never forget to do?, 

~Keep It Dead
P.S. - Winners of my previous contest have been notified, thanks for the great 33 entries. 

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