Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Back In My Wizzy Groove

Hey guys! I hope your February is starting on a good foot, I know mine is! So as you can tell by the title, I am most defiantly back in my W101 groove of things. For a while now I've been waiting on my questing group of friends I talk with on Skype, but it's been too long so I decided to kickstart Azteca. Now certainly not far, but I'm a couple of day ahead of my group. Currently I have to complete the Temple of Storm in Mangrove Marsh.

So I've been stuck there for about 2 days waiting for some people to come on by and help me out, like I do with almost all of the game. But besides questing I've been pet training with Kevin Lifecaster. I'm really working hard to get the talents already on his Ianthine Hound pet, that has, Unicorn, Spritely , Spell-Proof, etc. So basically a SPUD pet. 

And with having to train all of these new pets, I'm back in Gardening my Evil Magma Peas again. Lots of fun, and I have a feeling I'll start expanding my garden in my Dino Bundle home just for fun. Now I usually don't buy my EMP's, I usually farm

I'm back in farming mode. Been farming some Ogre in Avalon and been farming Youkai for my level +35 death symbol robe for a while. Still no luck with my robe, but 2 EMP's so far. I've also been doing a couple of runs Mirror Lake for pet hatching gold and such. 

I kinda want to start crafting gear, but....heh.... See, I've been stuck on this crafting quest all the way back in Dragonspyre and I can't seem to shake it off. But if I max out on Wizard101 and Pirate101, I might start crafting again.

I also stepped into the Arena for some quick sparing. Winning all 3 of my matches, so I'm pretty proud considering my record is terrible. I also want to put my pet up for some Pet Derby, but he's feeling pretty bad since he didn't get "May cast Unicorn". Poor guy :I.
Now onto some site stuff. As you can see I've only been posting on Wednesday's. Much easier on me and I can usually keep them pretty long instead of 2 paragraph random posts. Also soon the site will be under maintenance for some major site improvements with graphics and such. Also I want to thank everybody on Twitter who helped me surpass 200 follower last weekend, I sure did give some prizes away, thanks you ALL for entering. 

And.....I think that wraps up this post. New post next week, same time, Pirate101 possibly? Probably, but hey, you know what you've been doing a good job on lately.....

~Keep(ing) It Dead 

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