Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Master Crafter

Hey guys! As Pirate101 is put on my back-burner I am speeding in Wizards!
I started getting back into my gardening and pet training. My pets have been hatching over and over again with others that already have May cast (Fairy, Unicorn, Sprite) talents. Hopefully by next Wednesday I will have news that my pet is a SPUD. But the HUGE thing I've been doing is crafting.

Finishing the 2 Mooshu crafting quests and the 3 Dragonspyre quests, I am a Master Crafter. Why all of the sudden? I'm on a mission to craft my dream house. Yes, my biggest feat thus far in the game, I'm on my way to craft the Celestial Observatory. 

Is this a difficult craft? Pretty difficult. Although I just need to craft 2 more items (15 to craft), it really takes time. On Twitter I've even asked Paige MoonShade for some tips how to decorate the seemingly pre-decorate home. Here is what I am planning:

  • Outside 
  • Moon dome - Kraken Statue + Kraken pets
  • Sun dome - Garden 
  • Middle - Statues, Statues, Statues!
  • Inside
  • First Level - Showroom (Couple of statues, this room is pre-decorated)
  • Second Level - Starfish Cafe
  • Third Level - Mr. Lobster's Lounge
  • Fourth Level - Celestial Library 
  • Fifth Level - Top Level - Personal Office
And you better bet, when it's all complete, pictures galore! Thanks for reading, until next time!

~Keep It Dead

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