Saturday, May 4, 2013

The Avalon Song Has Arrived!

Hey guys, wow it's been a long time, well at least to me it has. So today, IAmTheChezz aka my 2nd best online friend (#1) released, I would say, the best Wizard101 Music video EVER! I'm not joking it's THE best, maybe a little bit biased but it's true. 

So yea, go check that out. In my realm I got to level 90 last month. Almost done with Azteca and my Celestial Observatory is complete in decorating. Never to be re-decorated again. In my Pirate101 realm, I must say. Pirate101 is MUCH better than Wizard101.

Better story, better graphics, better battle system, just better all over. My best friend Nicholas Lionrider aka Fearless Nicholas Kent finished Mooshu yesterday. Now we're working on his companions.


Marleybone and Aquila are coming! YAY, very excited for both. Nick and I are planning to quest threw both worlds together, and yesterday we hopped on Test Realm to check out Aquila. AMAZING, love the characters and the scenery! Can't wait for it to come live with all the other updates.

Well, that wraps up my post here, school is out on May 31st and as scheduled I will return on that date.  Thanks for reading, and have you been: 

~Keep(ing) It Dead???