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About Justin "DeathyWiz" Shadowblade   

My name is Justin Shadowblade, aka DeathyWiz, I am a level 80 Necromancer (Death Wizard) and I am the mastermind of deathywiz.com. I have been playing Wizard101 since October of 2009. 

I feel that Wizard101 will always be my main game, that really started me on my adventure. My first Wizard was a Ryan Skycloud, a life wizard! I made it to the level cap, which was at the time, 50. I got open chat and deleted him for some childish reason, I think it was because my friends all had closed chat. Anyways, days later I created Justin and now and he is my main character. I also have a level 40 Balance Wizard, his name is Justin Sandshard! He is currently in Mooshu. 

I play other MMORPG's like, World of Warcraft, Super Hero Squad Online, Toon Town, Second Life, IMVU, LOTRO, Dungeons and Dragons, Backyard Monsters, Draw My Thing, Farmville, and especially Pirate101.

(1/22/13) - I am currently a level 50 Privateer. I also have a baby Witchdoctor (LvL 8) and an......infant Musketeer (LvL 3). Currently I am working on a Pirate101 blog as I continue this one. I am farming constantly to get all my companions to level 50 before Chapter 13 is released. 

(9/29/12) - I am currently in Pirate101 beta. I have rolled all classes and my LIVE game class will be, Privateer! My second favorite class is Hoodoo, I also really like the strength of the Swashbuckler so that is my third favorite. My pirates flag and name are still undecided! Currently I am working on a Pirate101 blog as I continue this one. Before our Beta characters were reset my Privateer made it to level 16-17. My main companion as Ratbeard. I am about to purchase the Boochbeard Bundle, so see you in LIVE realm on my Parrot Mount ;).

I also play Minecraft were I am an avid griefer. Wanna play together? My name is Grizzly331! 

I am currently writing a Pirate101 Novel with some friends at school. Our novel was brainstormed in 2012 and has already been given a positive rating by Pirate101's community manager One-eyed Jack. Our novel will be coming out to the public soon.

I am currently writing a Wizard101 Novel with Ria Drake, over at Kingsisle Universe. Our novel was brainstormed in 2011 with the help of Destiny Soultamer and has formed into a Trilogy in 2012. The Frozen 2 Death Trilogy should be completed by late 2013 but F2D is ready to read as of now, and The Pyromancers Revenge (TPR) is in the works. Cursed 4 Life (C4L) is the third and last novel and will wrap up the F2D Trilogy in 2013

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Email Me - justinshadowblade@gmail.com

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